Once Upon A Time….Ramadan

MV: What happens, when a someone very dear to you or a special guest leaves in your life each year? Most people would be sad, depressed and many would cry. Ramadan..our very special guest comes and stays with us for a month each year, Ramadan brings us so many blessings and so many big changes in our life..but like always, it leaves us as well. Its a real sad thought. 

Ramadan brought so many blessings, so many good things.

The blessings we will remember Ramadan for:

  • On this second to last day of Ramadan, we all stopped eating sehri at approximately the same time and we all will all start eating at iftaar at about the same time…if you go to any Masjid, you won’t find a single Muslim no matter what race or sect of Islam they are, who will not start eating right after they hear the Magrib Azan…It united us all alhumdollilah! 
  • Every night, the community would gather together in Taraweeh…this long, hard core Salaat that in reality seems like its impossible! 
  • It stopped us from bad language, temptations and bad desires. Whenever we had the urge to do them, we would tell ourselves, “bro its Ramadan, chill” Allah’s Apostle said, “Fasting is a shield or protection from the fire and from committing sins” (Bukhari).
  • Qiyam…yeah sleepover at the masjid!…In all honestly, do we see over selves doing Qiyam on any other “average” day? Staying up all night long, striving for Allah (swt) is such a great blessing that Ramadan helped us get motivated by alhumdollilah.
  • We read the Quran and got closer to Allah (swt)…Our relationship with the Quran increased so much that it became a like a phone for us, a need. Many of us started reading the Quran a lot on a daily bases, it became a habit for us just like eating or drinking, all that dust left from the year was cleaned off the Quran in Ramadan.
  • We made ourselves do good habits….did anyone else try to take advantage of that x70 of any good deed?
  • Shaitan was locked up, yeah get lost!-this made it even easier for us to do good deeds, we didn’t have a crazy maniac whispering things in our ears.
  • If all of your fast was accepted (inshAllah) all of your sins will be forgiven by Allah (swt) from this Ramadan and the last, if He wills.
Remember, Ramadan may be ending in just 2 or 3 days but that doesn’t mean you should leave all your good deeds you learned this Ramadan just keep it up inshAllah.

Ask yourselves, what did you learn this Ramadan?

Looking back, compared to last year, how was Ramadan for you this year?

And to top it off…heres a great lecture by Br. Nouman Ali Khan about parting Ramadan farewell. 

May Allah (swt) accept all our fasts this Ramadan and have us live long enough for another blessed month of Ramadan. Ameen.



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