The MreView: Building Bridges with Fellow Texans

MV: Hey Aselamulaikum! 

What happens when 1000+ Christians and 1000+ Muslims come together? Some may say there might be a huge religious debate one over another, but that was so not the case at the HUGE interfaith event called, “Building Bridges with Fellow Texans”. Alhumdollilah since I lived by the area it took place at, I was able to attend! This is the first official Muslim Voice review for the site (or The MreView), I will always keep this format, so take note insh’Allah!

The MreView: Building Bridges with Fellow Texans

Location: Northwood Church, Keller Texas.


Summary: “What happens when 1000 Muslims and 1000 Christians come together? If it’s at NorthWood Church, a party breaks out.” –This statement is definitely valid! I went to this event for two reason:

1. To support my Masjid (as other Masjid around the Dallas area were going as well)

2. To help support of interfaith unity (and free Halal food…lol kidding)

We went to this event from a shuttle bus that transported us from the Masjid to the church. When we first reached the church, you could see from the outside that it was HUGE! When we entered, we were greeted by very friendly Christian men. Next the hall was VERY crowded and we made our ways inside the  auditorium in soon time. The auditorium was extremely big as well, stadium size. When the show first started, we were greeted pretty nicely and then it proceeded with the host introducing the Imams of the Dallas area that came and followed by the christian pastors of the area. After, one women reciting the star spangled banner and then one man reciting a extremely beautiful Azan for Asr. After we all stood up for the pledge (and Texas pledge), and yes EVERYONE stood up (even the Imams) we were read a cute (yes, I used that word) children story which meant to reflect over interfaith. Then we were on to the main show with several speeches by Muslim speakers such as Imam Zia-Ul-Haq and a few Christian speakers. And last but not least, we were given food! 

MreView: The event was great! For its price….yes it was free! This event really did help promote the idea of “unity” of different religions. It was a great, in that it help promote to the 1000+ Christians that we Muslims do want want peace in this world and not violence. It was a great convention in promoting peace and coexisting! I (and the other Muslims) were greeted very kindly throughout the whole event. Some of the speeches, could have been a little better but overall it truly showed an impact. Also, the food was in low quantity for the amount of people, by the time I got on line all I could get was one samosa (still saying alhumdollilah) and the praying space. There was a lot of room to pray (I believe) but it got to crowded that many of us had to pray outside. 

Highlights: The beautiful azan for Asr, Imam Zia Sheikh‘s speech about Jesus in the Quran (whats made it good was that he’s British and his jokes were hilarious!), the host (very kind, funny and entertaining to hear!).

Halal-O-Meter: Some (even though my stance might be different) might have a problem with the Muslim women singing the Star Spangle Banner and standing for the pledge, however I doubt it was not a problem for most. 

Overall Ratting: 8.5/10-Great event (once again it was FREE) however some things such as the low quantity of food for everyone (a handful of people did not get any at all) and some of the speaker/speeches could have been better. Overall very great event! Definitively coming again if done again insh’Allah!

Missed the event? Check out the event on YouTube!

Asr Azan:

Click here to watch the rest of the event



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