ISNA: This Thanksgiving; Share Your Turkey With Neighbors in Need

MV: This Thanksgiving when your about to dig in some of that Zabiha halal turkey make sure you leave some for the poor.  For those that live out of US, today marks “Thanksgiving”, an American holiday in which families get together to eat, while keeping in mind of all the things that you have to be thankful for. Besides the feast part (or I hope not at least), we Muslims should already be thanking Allah (swt) for all the blessings that we got, Alhumdollilah. But here’s the catch, while you may be chewing on that juicy turkey (American custom in eating turkey on thanksgiving), remember that there’s people in this world who would do anything just to eat a piece of that turkey thats only the size of a rice! I speak to myself first, of course. Want to help? Check out what ISNA‘s doing this year: 

Share Your Garden Bounty With Neighbors in Need  
This Thursday is Thanksgiving, and while there is much to be thankful for in each of our lives, there are still many in our community who still struggle to not only feed their families but also to afford fresh produce to keep them healthy.  Food pantries have sprung up across the nation to provide food assistance to families in need; however, one out of every six Americans still do not have access to fresh produce at their local food pantry.This year, ISNA has partnered with Ample Harvest, a national campaign utilizing the Internet to connect the more than 40 million Americans who grow food in home gardens with registered food pantries across the nation, to put them in touch with gardeners and food pantries in the Muslim community.  The first lady’s “Let’s Move”  initiative has also joined to promote the goal of Ample Harvest and CNN named them one of their 2010 “CNN Heroes.”  In just two years, Ample Harvest has registered 4,608 local food pantries and connected them to local gardeners.  This means that thousands more families in need can get access to local produce at their food pantry and less food is going to waste in people’s gardens.In the spirit of thanksgiving, we ask that you please go online  tolocate a local Ample Harvest food pantry in your neighborhood and donate fresh produce to help build healthy families everywhere.  Additionally, if your mosque, Islamic Center, or community organization runs its own food pantry and has not yet registered with Ample Harvest, we encourage you to visit them online and join.  The process is very quick and simple.

Let us give sadaqa from our gardens this fall instead of our back pockets.


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