My Life, My Hijab – A Sister’s Voice

MV: Aselamulaikum! As I hope most of you know, I’m a boy, alhumdollilah. Because of that reason, (even though we do have a Women in Islam section) we don’t have too many articles about women or voices on articles from women for that manner. Alhumdollillah though, one young Muslim sister (who wishes to remain anonymous) was kind enough to share her very inspirational story on how her life changed, from being scarf-less to wearing one, mash’Allah. Be sure to hear her voice out insh’Allah! 

I am sure it is an honor for the Muslim Voice that I am sharing my story with them :P, as it’s an honor for me to get chance to write something on this amazing website mash’Allah. So…am I some celebrity? No (at least I don’t think so) I am an average Muslim teenage girl and I’m currently studying in a college in New York. Almost 3 years ago, I was a completely different person, until I had a turning point in life. This change took place in New Jersey when I went to the Jam’e Masjid Islamic Center (New Jersey) with my family to attend a lecture on modesty. I listened to it carefully and decided to follow to it. I made a decision to start covering my head with a scarf which is a significant part of Islam. I wanted to wear one for years, but I was not sure because it was a big decision that I had to take it because my parents never forced me or pressurized me to do it. So I decided to do an experiment, I wanted see how people, not only family and friends but those who I did not know would react after seeing me wear it.

So the following day, I made myself wear a scarf and then go to the mall in New Jersey with my cousins. Nothing happened and people treated me the same way as they use to treat me before. That was the moment when I decided to change my style forever by start wearing a scarf. In the beginning I thought it would be different but then I kept motivating myself by reminding myself that, I CAN DO IT! And I did it. I completed my high school with wearing a head scarf. I even made, many friends of different nationalities just like any other normal person. I was happy and satisfied. But at the same time there were some difficulties down the road.

One day, I went to a mall in New York near where I live, and a lady approached me. For some reason, she thought that by wearing a headscarf, I was a disgrace to women around the world, along with a few other racist remarks. I didn’t yell at her, flip out or panic, instead I tried to explain her why Islam teaches women to cover our hair, but unfortunately I guess she didn’t want to understand and so later on she left after taking her frustration out on me. May Allah (swt) guide her through the right path, Ameen. That was the day when I felt very proud of being a Muslim woman. I felt like I have my own identity and I felt proud of controlling my anger and frustration when she behaved the way she did. It did not care if a woman came to me and showed her hatred but instead I was and still am thankful to Allah (swt) for showing me the right path and all those people who chose me as their friend without caring about my appearance, nationality, religion or language. Just because of them I am motivated to live my life according to the way Allah (swt) wants.

“Your body, your soul was created for something higher. Something so much higher.”
‘Verily, the most honored of you in the sight of God is the one who is most righteous’ (Quran 49:13).

4 thoughts on “My Life, My Hijab – A Sister’s Voice

  1. AssalamualikumwaRahmatullahiwaBarakatuhu…….JazakAllah khairan sis…barakAllah feek……but usually what happens is that when you’re the 1st one in family 2 wear hijab or something,ppl look at you as you are weirdos or something…4get about strangers,our own family sometimes make so much sarcastic comments that hurt pretty much bad but what we supposed 2 do is just 2 be patient’s the more you struggle you make 2 walk in the path of Allah,the more reward you are gonna have inshaAllah wa ta’ala… Hope this lec wud help all those who are struggling in the path of Allah,nd lack family support…

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