The Muslim Voice Presents: Oh What’s My Name? – First Official Event

Update: You can watch the video for the talk here:

MV: Aselamulaikum

I have great news. The Muslim Voice would like to introduce its first major event in history!

“Oh What’s My Name? – Identity Crisis”

Thats right, as part of the ICF (Islamic Center of Frisco) Youth I am part of, I have decided to sponsor the event through The Muslim Voice and also cooperating as its first official event for it! My recent post, “Oh What’s My Name – How I found my identity”  was actually inspired by this event I planned on organizing. Here are the details:

FaceBook Event Page:

Speakers: Imam Yaseen & Sister Nicole Queen

Day: April 6th, 2012

Time: 8PM – 10 PM

Location: Islamic Center of Frisco

6890 Main Street, Frisco TX 75034

Details: Join the ICF (Islamic Center of Frisco) Youth’s first major event! “Oh What’s My Name” | Identity Crisis with Imam Yaseen (Plano Masjid) and Sister Nicole Queen ( insh’Allah!

Join us to help find your identity.

Who Am I? I have a Face of a Stranger… No One Knows Who I Am… It’s Just Me… It’s Been a While… All These Things That I’ve Done…I’m not the person I want to be.
Peer pressure changes you as a person and the the “real” you is lost. An In these days, we see many of the youth doing things in High School and College such as drugs, alcohol, adultery, etc, that they would never see themselves do during the years that lead into that time. Many times they change their whole “personality” and who they are as person during the ages of the youth, but in truth the “old” self is still in you, but lost. So your in an “Identity Crisis”.

Definition of Identity Crisis:
Those who emerge from the adolescent stage of personality development with a strong sense of identity are well equipped to face adulthood with confidence and certainty. “Those who fail to achieve a cohesive identity-who experience an identity crisis-will exhibit a confusion of roles,” not knowing who they are, where they belong, or where they want to go. This sort of unresolved crisis leaves individuals struggling to “find themselves.” They may go on to seek a negative identity, which may involve crime or drugs or the inability to make defining choices about the future. [Wikipedia]

Help support the ICF Youth through our first major event insh’Allah!

Imam Yaseen Bio:

Sister Nicole Queen Bio:

This Event is sponsored by and affiliated with Young Muslims of America.

Like in the details above, this is also ICF Youth’s first major event as well! By the help of Allah (swt) we hope that the event is successful insh’Allah! More details to come insh’Allah.

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