Youth Conference 2012: Blueprint for a Lasting Legacy

MV: Ahhhh its that time of year again. The birds are chirping, the sun is high up in the sky and the youth are just about ready to leave school to enjoy their summer vacation, but best of all, the annual Young Muslims Youth Conference in parallel to the ICNA Convention makes its return! The Youth Conference is full of excite and delight, delivering both in parallel to the 3 day (memorial day) weekend event of the ICNA Convention. I’ll be honest, I have only been there live once, but alhumdollilah it was a really great experience and I felt a sense of unity amongst  the youth of the Ummah. Youth Power! This year, our friends at YM will be hosting the youth conference once again with an addition of a wider range of really cool speakers insh’Allah (I was seriously impressed by the list of speakers), take a glance of the Youth Conference this year: 

YM Presents Youth Conference 2012 from Hartford, CT

Start your Summer off right with the Conference of the year this MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!

Time: May 26 at 10:00am until May 28 at 2:00pm


– Imam Suhaib Webb
– Imam Siraj Wahhaj
– Nouman Ali Khan
– Omar Suleiman
– Yasir Qadhi
– Altaf Hussain
– Abdul Nasir Jangda
– Abu Zayd
– Wisam Sharieff
– Qasim Mazhar
– Yasir Birjas
– Abdul Sattar Ahmed

Special Events and Attractions:
* Renowned Speakers
* Interactive Workshops and Discussions
* Intensive Class
* Brothers Midnight Baskbetball Tournament
* Sisters Only Game Night
* Sisters Only Workshops/Sessions
* Cultural Bazaar


FaceBook event page

Very impressive speakers this year mash’Allah! 

Expect a Video promo for the event soon insh’Allah! 

Part of Youth Conference from last year: 

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