Nasheed Artist Saif Adam, Voicing About Peace

MV: Aselamulaikum!

Music is haraam, Music is Halal…the debate goes on and on. Although I do have a personal take on this issue, whatever it is, I think most Muslims would have to agree, Islam Songs or Nasheeds are the way to go. As most of you probably know from my previous post, I recently attended an Islamic family event hosted by Furqaan Academy called, “A Night of Family Entertainment” with world renowned Nasheed artists Junaid Jamshed and Ahmed Bukhatir. The event was amazing and I have never been a bigger fan of Islamic Nasheeds before, simply, amazing mash’Allah!

Anyways, I found that Islamic Nasheeds are an extremely good way of voicing Islam and promoting peace. With that being said, I would like to introduce Br. Saif Adam, a newly accomplished Nasheed artist. I went through some of his nasheeds and listened to them and they were indeed amazing mash’Allah! Not only has he been posted about on CNN, he’s being  supported by the Muslim Council of Britain and Islamic Relief would like him to be the face of a new project insh’Allah. Remember, hes doing all this for the cause of Allah (Swt), to support peace and voice Islam, help support him by subscribing to his page and by following him on twitter! Here’s some information about him:

Scroll down to listen to some nasheeds by him.

Rising Islamic Music Artist Saif Adam Promoting Peace through the Music

By TasnimNazeer  |  Posted February 29, 2012  |  London

British born Islamic music artist, Saif Adam is taking the Islamic music industry by storm and is a rising talent who aims to promote peace, unity and the remembrance of God through his soothing lyrics.

Many uprising artists such as Saif have been first noticed through social media platforms such as YouTube which reaches an audience of millions around the world. Saif has already released four soulful tracks online entitled ‘Strong’, ‘Subhanallah’, ‘The Message’ and ‘Heart of a Muslim’ and has been signed up to work alongside some big nIslamic labels in the near future.

The upcoming artist has utilised social media platforms such as YouTube which has brought him unprecedented attention from fans and prestigious Islamic artists such as Maher Zain who had invited him to his video shoot. The talented musician and songwriter writes his own tracks and composes them with the aim of promoting the key messages of Islam.

Saif hopes to unite the community and spread the message of Islam in an engaging and interactive way and is already booked for tours both in the UK and internationally. His live performances have been appreciated by many and he is attracting attention from both the mainstream and Islamic media for his well honed lyrics which are both peaceful and calming.

The upcoming nasheed artist appeals to both the young and old and is devoted to helping the community through his music. Saif has organised many workshops to inspire the youth of today and help them develop their skills in song writing. Islam is a religion of peace and this is exactly the message that Saif hopes to bring through his touching lyrics based on real life experiences and feelings.

Saif said in a statement that,“I want to make music that spreads the message that Islam is a religion of peace and love and unity. He further added that, “I would like to be a voice for the younger generation of Muslims”.

Fighting misconceptions about Islam in the world today and appealing to a mass audience both in Britain and around the world can be a challenging task; however songs which are seen as universal and appeal to people from all walks of life can help to reform myths about Islam and make people relate to the music and lyrics.

This can further give people insight into what the religion is really about.
Actions often also speak louder than words and this young artist is putting action into practice by helping with many worthwhile charitable causes. Saif has already written a song for UK based charity ‘Save an Orphan’ and all proceeds from his track will be donated to the charity.

His love for music spurred from an early age and whilst attending college and university he taught himself many musical instruments such as the guitar and debka. Saif worked alongside many artists in the British music industry whilst juggling a career in banking and decided that it was time to switch career paths and put more focus on his song writing and composition.

Despite feeling torn between music and faith, a turning point in his life was still to come and this was in the form of a trip he made to Mecca where he performed the Umrah pilgrimage with his father in 2010. After considerable reflection in Saudi Arabia Saif realised that he no longer had to decide between music and his faith and that he could in fact collaborate the two in order to promote the message of Islam.
Saif developed an unearthed interest in the life of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and learnt about his life and teachings.

Through learning about the blessed examples of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) he realised the beauty that the religion holds and the positive images that are not represented well enough in the media. Saif’s visit to Mecca truly empowered and motivated him to reach a mass audience in an engaging way through music to learn more about the religion of peace and further put an end to misconceptions of Islam that are often shaped by the media.

By using positive messages through his lyrics and focusing on real life issues facing Muslims today Saif appeals to a wide audience both in the UK and abroad. Praising Allah (god) with his innovative song ‘Subhanallah’ further reiterates the remembrance of God and the motivation towards leading a peaceful life through Islam. His beautiful song ‘Strong’ has lyrics such as ‘Look into your heart, look into your soul mashallah I see the light’ to further reflect on the beauty of Islam and his awakening to the religion.
Inspirational tracks such as ‘Heart of Muslim’ which talks about having strength in the faith and ‘The Message’ which uses meaningful lyrics, raising awareness about the religion of Islam and reinforcing positive imagery describing the beauty of the faith helps Muslims to relate to Saif’s music and connect with the messages that Saif wants to relay to his audience.

Saif Adam has a talented voice combined with excellent song writing and composition skills and his work is set to prosper both in the UK and internationally. There are many Islamic nasheed artists around the world who have one aim of uniting the Muslim community and promoting the message of Islam in an engaging way. Many famous Islamic music artists include Sami Yusuf, Zain Bhikha, Native Deen and Dawud Wharnsby who all have their own original style and aim to promote Islam in the best way they can through the use of Islamic songs.

There needs to be more Islamic artists such as Saif promoting the religion and setting sound examples to the Muslim youth to engage them in activities which promote good moral conduct and express the true aspects of the religion of Islam.

Saif has a bright future ahead of him with a list of live performances and tours both locally and abroad, the rising Islamic artist is set to further excel in the growing Islamic music sector, which is a growing form of promoting Islam and interacting with the youth through songs which encourage good behaviour and teach them about the religion in an enjoyable way.

Check out some Nasheeds by him:

Trust In Allah

Heart of A Muslim

The Message 

Want to help give him support? Subscribe to him on YouTube and follow him on Twitter.

May Allah (swt) support him in this good cause and give him baraqa, Ameen.

2 thoughts on “Nasheed Artist Saif Adam, Voicing About Peace

  1. Good article. I don’t know why Muslims make a big issue about music. It’s not an aqeeda issue. We have much bigger issues to be concerned about. Islamic alternative is a must. big up to Saif Adam, Yusuf Islam and Sami Yusuf. A breath of fresh air for todays Muslim youth.

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