A Muslim Voice Update

MV: Aselamulaikum!

For those of us who follow me on Facebook and Twitter, you already knew an update was coming!

Here’s what I posted:

So that’s exactly what I’m trying to do! The Muslim Voice originally started off as a database type site but now, if you’ve been keeping up with the updates, its slowly changing into more of a “Muslim Voice”! So here’s what will be changing:

1. TheMuslimVoice.com will become like the MV Facebook and Twitter page. I will still post on facebook and twitter but some selective news, quotes and tips that I see important will go up on the site. 

2. These posts will NOT always be a huge bunch of me babbling content. Meaning it won’t be long paragraphs I write voicing my opinion unlike some of my other posts like, “Oh Whats My Name? – How I found my identity” or “I Think I’m In Love With My Masjid” but will be shorter sentences with more of me sharing some interesting news or content I found (i.e. a video). 

3. This is important – Various different content will go in different places on the site. Meaning, posts or content that may be interesting but not that important will go down to where it says currently or used too (depending on when your reading this) previous posts. This will now change to “Trending Voices”. More important news will go to spotlight, and extremely important news will go to our featured slideshow, all original posts written by me will always go there first. 

Y u doin this? Y u no like it before? Y Y Y Y!??

I know, I know, it may be pointless. I already have a Facebook page and twitter page to post on. But that’s not the point! What I’m trying to achieve is trying to bring more people to check the blog more often then the fb or twitter page! People are on twitter and fb often, I agree, but I’m trying to make an alternative. I feel like The MV should have the content posted on twitter and fb in order to have our voices be heard louder. Well, lets see how this goes!

Any questions, comments or concerns? Comment bellow!

Oh and if you didn’t like our fb page or follow us on twitter yet…..do it now! 

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