NFL Players @ ICNA, Al-Maghrib and with the Muslim Community!

MV: I found this really inspirational mash’Allah!

Remember my post about playing football and fasting?

Husain Abdullah, the football safety player that plays for the Minnesota Vikings and Ryan Harris,  football offensive tackle of the Denver Broncos have really proven to be devote Muslims mash’Allah. Despite being big and famous Football players, they are still great Muslims and have became very active in the Muslim community, appearing in Al-Maghrib classes and the the ICNA Convention, mash’Allah!

Here are a couple of tweets and fb posts:

Shk Omar with Br. Husain (after he attended one of his Al-Maghrib classes.

Shk Omar with both Br. Husain and Br. Ryan Haris chilling after the ICNA Convention. 

Br. Husain meets Zain Bhikha!

A couple of other #tweets

Sheikh Omar on Brothers Ryan and Husain, #MashAllah

And last but not least, here’s a fun shout out by Br. Husain to Br. Sameer from Sameer Eats about which halal spots he loves to eat while hes back at home!

May Allah (Swt) continue to bless Br. Husain and Ryan with success and Junnah, Ameen. 

They’re both definitively a big inspiration to the youth!

Follow Husain and Ryan on twitter!



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