Learning Arabic With Br. Nouman Ali Khan


Just yesterday I graduated from High School alhumdollilah! I’m finally off to the bigger world and only Allah (swt) knows what awaits me, hopefully in the days that await me until my death I use it in a good and Islamic manner in which I can get closer to the deen insh’Allah. Just recently though, another cool thing happened in my life. From June 1st I have the honor and privilege to study under one of my favorite speakers, Nouman Ali Khan! Alhumdollilah its just a great and exciting experience. If you know me personally you would know that I am probably one of the biggest fans of Br. Nouman Ali Khan (hey be thankful its not Sharukh Khan).

Did I ever tell you all how I became such a big fan of Nouman? Well, it all started out in the ICNA Convention. Me and my friend, Ali Syed were looking around for team players for his Basketball team. We were sort of like shopping in a market for one, no like literary, we were in the ICNA bazaar market and we were looking for people to join our team. All of a sudden my friend stops this man. I had my camera in my hand so I kept it in a low level but it was still turned on. My friend stops the man and says, “Hey Br. Nouman Ali Khan, would you like to join my basketball team? I know you played last year.” Br. Nouman was a little hesitant, he said along the lines of, I really don’t play anymore but I can be a backup. During his conversation he sees my camera and asks, “Hey, are you recording this?” That was the point I turned my camera off (I still don’t know why I was recording).

Oh and guess what, I actually still have the recording. the quality is bad but its definitely worth a look:
Note: Conversation was longer but I did not record the whole thing.

Surprisingly, I had never heard of Nouman Ali Khan before! After our meet up, that very same day I got to listen to his speech at the entertainment session. His speech was about family (search “Today you can, tomorrow you can’t-Nouman Ali Khan) and it was one of the most inspirational speeches I’ve ever heard. And yes, obviously he was not able to make it to the tournament, hes a really busy person!

This was around 2 years ago. Since then I have been listening to many of his speeches online and have learned, and have been inspired by him. Many of my lessons that I prepared for my local Youth Group was from taking notes from his speeches. After moving to Dallas, a few months ago I actually went back and told him this whole story lol.

Since you now know my story, you can probably tell how excited I am about this course! At first I was a little bit vary about joining the class. Not because the class starts at 7 and ends at 10, but because the Masjid that its in (EPIC Masjid) is literary around a 40 minute drive! The first day was free so I decided to give it a check (and because you know how people are with things being free). In just one day, I was extremely surprised. In only one day I found myself learning a lot and understanding more of my salaat alhumdollilah! The drive was definitively worth it and not only did Nouman Ali Khan make Arabic easier to understand, he made it fun. Seriously, Br. Nouman is one funny guy, I say he should start stand up comedy shows! The class seriously made me knowledge hungry. At the end of the class I was striving to learn more and more.

Unfortunately though, I was not able to attend day two of the 10 classes because I graduated that day. However, today (June 3rd) I was able to attend. Once again I learned a lot and can’t wait for tomorrows class insh’Allah! One interesting thing I learned was that we are all the children of Adam, so we are the species of “Adami”. The word “Adhmi (mankind/man)” in urdu actually comes from the word “Adam”!

Its important to note though, the class isn’t for learning conversations with others, its a class mainly for Arabic grammar. But regardless, taking this class seriously helps you understand not only your salaat better, but the Quran. It covers topics such as if a word is “singular/plural, masculine/feminine, proper/common and its status.” Its a class to help you get started and inspire you to learn more insh’Allah. In fact, this is the first class that helped Nouman Ali Khan reach the point he is now, mashAllah.

Bottom line is, the class is just awesome to begin with. It is definitely a must take class. If you wish to enroll in a seminar near you, check out this link: http://bayyinah.com/studentcenter/

At the end of the course, I will do an MreView on the course in general insh’Allah. Until then, stay tune for notes and other things I learn during the ongoing course!

And last but not least, check out this lecture by Nouman himself about learning Arabic and why to learn it (sort of like a preview to the course):

6 thoughts on “Learning Arabic With Br. Nouman Ali Khan

  1. I’m from Pakistan, is there any way I can have an access to the lectures by Nouman Ali Khan during this 10 days course.

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