Notes From Arabic Classes with Nouman Ali Khan

Update: Added classes 8 and 9, 10 should be sent to me by tomorrow insh’Allah. Never mind, we didn’t really take too many notes the last day! 

Update: Added notes from days 4-7. 3 more classes to go!

Note: I will update as the class proceeds insh’Allah, keep coming back to this page to check out more updates. 

MV: Aselamulaikum

Like I promised, I will be posting up notes and such on the site from the Arabic classes I’ve been taking with Br. Nouman Ali Khan. The cool thing about the class is that each day, bayyinah sends you notes from the previous class as well as a video refresher (sent in beginning).

Here are the notes I took, its just general ideas and also its from day 1 only. Day 3 and 4 were hand written.

Ism-person thing place idea, animals, adjective, adverb, more.

If its not fil and not harf, it’s ism.
Every ism has 4 properties.
4 lessons
1) forms of status
Jarr-after of
2) how do you tell status?
a) ending sounds
B) ending combinations
I. Pair combination.
Aani 2r
Ayni 2n
Ayni 2j
Ii. Plural combinations
Cooma plr
Eena pln
Eema plj
*have to make doer question.*
Detail: where n
Doer: who r
Allah sent the messenger long ago.
A/an- n(detail)
I/in-j(after of)
Fil-present, future past tense.
Harf-makes no sense by itself unless word comes next.
Remember those were just my messy notes. For your convenience I will post up the notes that I get through my email.
Full Handout (We use this in class as we fill it in):
Day 1day01
Day 2: day02
Day 3: day03
Day 4: day04
Day 5: day05
Day 6: day06
Day 7: day07
Day 8: day08
Day 9: day09

9 thoughts on “Notes From Arabic Classes with Nouman Ali Khan

  1. Do you have the word files, I mean the review docs that brother Nouman mentions end of each lecture..

  2. i subscribed for the class but I don’t get the notes in my email, how do I get the notes in my email?

  3. Is it possible brother if you can post video clip with it becuase it would really help me and thats how I like to learn.
    If you cannot post it on the website then can you send them to me somehow please.

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