Vloging With Abdullah Jangda

MV: Question: What makes a video vlog (or video blogging) good?

Answer:Being creative, adding humor and adding a good sense of emotion.

Bottom line is, video vloging is almost similar to blogging, only difference is, its on video.

Salaam Studios (https://www.youtube.com/user/IamAbdullahJ) aka Abdullah Jangda does a really good job with that. Abdullah Jangda is of course the younger brother of none other then sheikh Abdul Nasir Jangda and usually records videos involving Sheikh ANJ and the rest of the crew at Bayyinah. He also recently started doing the “How Do You Say That” series.

So what makes his vlogs so awesome? Well partly is because of his corny jokes. No, I’m serious, sometimes corny jokes work well with making a vlog more interesting. Other reasons are in a little more personal note, I just love watching Abdullah interacting with some of my favorite speakers including his brother ANJ, Abdul Rahman Murphy, etc. It’s almost like a ‘behind the scenes’ footage of celebrities…okay fine, big Islamic inspirational figures.

Bottom line is, his vlogs are really fun to watch and it teaches me a few key points in blogging as well!

To check out Abdullah Jangda, Salaam Studios and his vlogs, check out his YouTube page:

Also, check out his latest new video while your at it:

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