Learning Arabic With Br. Nouman Ali Khan [Final Verdict]

MV: Aselamulaikum! 

Its been 8 days since I wrote my first review of my classes with Br. Nouman Ali Khan, and since then I’ve become an Arab! Lol jk, not really but I have definitely learned a lot in these 8 days alhumdollilah. I already mentioned a lot in my first review (and that was within only the first 2 days of the class) but after those classes there was much more to dwell upon! If you’ve been following along with the Arabic notes post you’ve probably seen a lot of new content being taught each day. Some of the cool things that Br. Nouman covered was: learning how to make sentences, finding adjectives/nouns, learning past and present tense as well as using the content to somewhat interpreting the Quran or at least being able to understand whats at least going on. 

Today was the last day of the 10 day class and all I have to say is that I am seriously going miss these classes! Just being in the

Official Flyer for the Classes

environment with so many Muslim students (around over 100) of all different ages coming to the Masjid everyday straight for almost 3 hours was just plain awesome! SubhannAllah it reminded me of Ramadan. I made some cool new friends (including Br. Nouman) and became better friends with a couple of older friends. But one of the best things I’ll miss was having such an awesome teacher as Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan! He was seriously just plain awesome. Like I stated before, he makes the classes not only knowledgeable but also really fun, meaning he really makes you want to learn more and more. Some of the teaching methods that he uses includes humor and real life examples, “seriously, life examples in a language?” Yes, and it actually worked really well. An example could be when he told us how words might be the same in two different languages (i.e. Urdu and Arabic) but that doesn’t mean they have the same meaning. The example that he used was a misunderstanding he once had with his step father which was hilarious (sorry, had to be there)! 

Lastly, on the last day (today) the EPIC Youth (East Plano Islamic Center’s Youth) organized a final talk with Br. Nouman about the Quran, which open to everyone. The talk was about the importance of learning the Quran, understanding it and its main purpose: guidance. He told us that although showing respect to the Quran by keeping it on high places, putting a covering on it, etc. are all good, our main way to respect it should be through reading it and understanding it. The Quran should be a way to remind us and give us the right options when it comes down to making choices. Honestly I have to say, his final talk made me teary! Seriously, the way he told us about the importance was all true and relevant but something that most of us fail to follow. So bottom line, he ended the classes with a bang! 

Anyways lets get to the final verdict.

Highlights: Br. Nouman Ali Khan’s style of teaching, the significant amount of content learned (30 hours in 1o days, a normal college
semester is 40 hours), understanding more of the Quran, learning its significance and motivating us to learn more and more insh’Allah!

Halal-O-Meter: Perfect environment for families, Islamic environment and partition for different genders. 

Final Ratting: 10/10 – You probably already guessed it. Honestly words can not describe how awesome these classes were. I can’t thank Br. Nouman enough for teaching us all such rich education subhannAllah. There was no flaws that I saw and I’m sure that everyone else taking the class would agree. I think this deserves a big round of…”Takbeer”, ALLAHU AKHBAR! 

Really hope that one day I can attend the 9 month Bayyinah course offered by Ustadh Nouman and the rest of the gang, until then I’ll be trying to master all of the knowledge that Br. Nouman taught us, insh’Allah :).

*Slideshow of some pictures I took of the class*

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Additionally, Br. Nouman’s requesting you don’t miss out on Bayyinah’s first conference, “Amazed By The Quran” click here for more info.

The talk bellow is very close to the talk he discussed today:

4 thoughts on “Learning Arabic With Br. Nouman Ali Khan [Final Verdict]

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  2. Oh Br.Nouman is really awesome.I think there is no video of him that I’ve not watched(even that of basketball lol).And his way of conveying the point directly hits the mind.May Allah bless him and all muslims .Aameen

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