Support Dr. Syed Saba Taj for US Congress

MV: Someone forwarded me this email:

Salam. Here is a wonderful opportunity to send one of our very own to US Congress and make it three Muslims in US House of Representative.

Dr. Syed Saba Taj ( is running as a Democrat from Detroit suburbs and his main Republican rival has been taken out of the ballot due to incomplete submission of papers. Now he has an opponent who is not very well known. Because he did not have any Primary opponent till recently, a person from outside Democratic Party has filed. The Democratic Establishment is fully supporting Dr. Taj and probability is high that he will win the seat Insha’Allah. However, he needs all our help in the meanwhile. Here are details of the fundraising dinner:

When: Sunday Jul 1st, 2012
Timings: 6 PM to 9 PM
Venue: BBQ Tonite, Carrollton

Said this before, I think more and more Muslims should do more for this country in order to have a better image of Muslims in America. The fundraising dinner isn’t too far from where I live (Dallas), hopefully I can make it insh’Allah.

4 thoughts on “Support Dr. Syed Saba Taj for US Congress

  1. most respected TAJ sir, u r proud of whole India not only 4 muslim or any thing…
    akhilesh, editor, democratic mission, hindi magazine from Bihar(India) n on net magazine. This war is not last but list. god blase u sir. u will be winner one day…

  2. aap ke sir pe TAj kab taq hoga…Taj sir….? pl. mail ur present position in politics there…u may know ur Bihar by now logon… – urs Akhilesh-Editor-Democratic mission-monthly-magazine…thnks with hope of early reply…. on FB democratic mission…N…akhileshcr….

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