Bonfire Halaqa with Shaykh Khalil

MV: A few months back, I attended a 1 day seminar entitled, “Souls of Islam” at Plano Masjid, Texas. Today I just got back from Brothers Bonfire Halaqa at UTD MSA. Swallowing up a nice chuck full of halal marshmallow smores and feeling the warmth of the bonfire was just plain awesome! What was better was that, Alhumdollilah the speaker, same as the one who did Souls of Islam, Shaykh Khalil Abdur-Rashid (Imam of IQRA  Masjid, Brooklyn and PHD in Islamic Law) is one amazing and down to earth person. Really inspiring talk about his own life, growing up in the ghettos and how we as the youth growing up in High School and College need to learn how to deal with our identity crisis. 

His story that he told us about was how he used to grow up with druggys, gangsters, thugs, etc. and then one day he got into an argument. When that argument happened while he was with his thugs (that’s what he liked to call his old friends) a prostitute took out a gun and faced it towards him and asked, “Now what?” Then she asked okay now give me your money, after informing her he had no money he throw his watch on the floor (showing that’s the only thing that he had). She pulled the trigger but alhumdollilah due to the grace and mercy of God, something was wrong with the gun and it didn’t work. He then ran away. And no, he didn’t get his watch back, it was time for him to run away.

 After having a conversation about being a good Muslim with his mom, Khalil attended Jummah after many years. That’s when he met one of his dad’s old, old friend who then invited him to an Islamic seminar which got him at a personal level, this was how his life then changed. 

You can check out his full bio here:

Check out one of his talks (I think he sounds a lot like Br. Nouman Ali Khan).

May Allah (swt) preserve him. 

Btw, if you zoom in, Shaykh Khalil is the one in the white kufi and I’m the one sitting next to him 🙂

One of my favorite quote from him, “You don’t find you, your identity, the person who you really are, until the day you die.” 

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