Ramadan Rises

UPDATE: Check out this funny video one of my friend made: 

MV: Aselamulaikum!

For us Muslims a really old friend is returning. Some Muslims friends find him really irritating when he returns each year, even hate him at times, while others simply love his presence. This friend is one who keeps us away from sins for as long as hes present (1 month) while pressuring us to do better for our creator. This friend teaches us a lot about patience…you guessed it, this friend is Ramadan!

Believe it or not, Ramadan is right around the corner (around a week away from today)! But seriously the comparison of Ramadan with a friend is true. In my personal life whenever I ask people about Ramadan I get mixed views. There’s some who get excited after hearing Ramadan’s coming back, while others who…get a little aggravated with the thought of fasting in the hot summer. Oh and there are also those who want to see a certain movie really badly, its about a man who wears a funny type of hijab at nights and fights bad guys…yes “The Dark Knight Rises“.

While I really want to see the movie (I’m a huge batman fan), since its opening is on the day (or day before) of Ramadan, I would rather skip an entire month before watching the movie! Besides, even Robin is aware of Ramadan.

Now when it comes to the new movie coming out…I know some people who don’t want Ramadan to interfere with the movie! Now its a common feeling, and you can’t really judge them. But the one thing that we can get out of this is that if we have that feeling then we’re not really ‘ready’ for Ramadan. The whole point of Ramadan is not just a month of fasting and taraweeh, Ramadan is a month in which you have a chance to reflect back on yourself and work on getting closer to Allah (swt). The bottom line is, “A whole month working on your relationship with God.” Now back to the movie point, yes watching a movie may not be ‘haram’ to watch (I’m no scholar, just saying through certain circumstances) but this is Ramadan we’re talking about! Ramadan is our dear old friend who just stays by for a month and then leaves. Compare it to meeting a very close or old friend after a year, would you ditch him and spend “alone” time, or would you spend more time with him?

Ramadan is sole month dedicated on your relationship with God. You work out of your struggles and sins, you work towards making yourself a better Muslim. Chill, The Dark Knight Rises will still be in theaters after a month!

Imam Yaseen of Plano Masjid answered this question by someone on fb pretty well.

So the whole point of this post is not about whether or not watching TDKR during Ramadan is halal or not (no fiqh involved here), its about the sole purpose of Ramadan and how we can better ourselves. Will your Ramadan rise this year? Heres a few points for getting ready:

  • Make your intentions clear, know that you’re doing everything in this month for God.
  • I haven’t been doing this but a good way to get ready is to fast on Mondays and Thursday (Sunnah days) before Ramadan.
  • Make yourself a list of goals that you want to achieve this Ramadan, maybe a list of sins you’d like to give up.
  • Start building up your relationship with the Quran from now on so once Ramadan starts it’ll be more of a habit!
  • Start making dua, remember dua is something strong, make dua that you have the best of Ramadans this Ramadan and you achieve everything you want to insh’Allah.

Cool Tip: Each part of the Quran (Juz) consists of around 20 pages. If you read around 4 pages after or before the 5 times salaat you should be able to finish one juz a day insh’Allah!

Your Ramadan can rise! What got me motivated to write this post was an event that my youth group (ICF Youth) and other youth groups in the DFW area helped organized, “Ramadan Revival” which went really good alhumdollilah!

If you want to get motivated before Ramadan I suggest you all tune in to your computer THIS Monday (June 16th) at 10pm to hear a nice online session with Shaikh Abdul Nasir Jangda, click here for more details: http://www.facebook.com/events/341481395931523/

Also, TheMuslimVoice will like always have a lot plan for Ramadan insh’Allah!

And last but not least, check out Imam Khalid Latif’s workshop on Ramadan:

May Allah (swt) make this the best of Ramadans, Ameen!

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