Exclusive: Native Deen Ft Junaid Jamshed


UPDATE: The Video has been released! You can see it here:

What are you thoughts? We at The MV love it!

MV: Almost every typical desi knows, world renowned artist and former singer, Junaid Jamshed! Just a few months ago though I had the honor to go to an Islamic nasheed event with him and Ahmed Bhukatir at an event called, “A Night of Family Entertainment“. Afterwards actually meet him (and Ahmed) in person and take a picture with him!

Native Deen on the other hand, I didn’t really know about them until a few years ago and have never actually met them. But regardless, Native Deen is definitely on my top 10 nasheed list (new post anyone?) and also on my iPod. 

So what happens when both of them work together to make one nasheed? Check out what Native Deen had to say on their official FB page:

Also, here’s a picture of them in the studio:

Sounds awesome right? We don’t know what the nasheed will be about but fans all over are excited and anticipated for the release, inshAllah! We’ll keep you posted on updates insh’Allah.


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