Ramadan Check List

MV: Remember that one sister that wrote this article? Well shes returned for Ramadan and she has some beneficial tips she would like to share insh’Allah!

Things to do this Ramadan:

First of all, Ramadan Kareem everyone! Finally the wait is over, the month of forgiveness “Ramadan” is here. Although we should beasking for forgiveness throughout the year, this is the month you don’t want to miss. Try to get the best out of it by praying taraweeh, fasting and also paying zakat to those who are in need. In return Allah will not only be pleased with you but will also forgive you. Other than that there are some things that you should do this Ramadan and then make it your habit for the rest of the year insh’Allah:

1. Talk to Allah: Instead of counting hours till Iftar and texting your friends, talk to Allah by praying and reading Quran with its translation so you can also understand it. Also, have a conversation with Allah by making dua and by asking for forgiveness.

2. Share:  Sharing isn’t just for Facebook. Let’s try to share this time instead of hiding it from others. After all sharing is caring. It can be anything, a piece of date or your clothes. Remember, one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure.

3. Smile: Ok I know it’s hard to spend a whole day without food and water but hey isn’t that what we are supposed to learn? Try not to lose your temper and smile at others. It’s sunnah too, now don’t take me wrong and start smiling at the opposite gender for too long, that would be really awkward.

4. Help Someone: You don’t have to help someone by digging a hole to find the treasure. It can be anything, helping your mom carry the groceries or by giving some money to people who can’t afford to feed his/her children.

5. Shut Your Mouth: Say something nice about someone, otherwise it’s better to be quite. Try not to backbite about someone because I don’t think anyone would like to eat his dead brother’s flesh.

The great Tabi’i, Imam Abu ‘l-Aliya said, “A fasting person remains in a state of worship even if he remains sleeping on his bed, as long as he does not backbite.”

6. Hold Your Horses: This applies to those who like to curse and I know there are a lot of them. Try to be easy with that F-bomb that nobody should be using anyways. Instead of that there two nice little F-words that should be the part of our life, “Forgive and Forget”

In the end I just want to wish everyone a blessed Ramadan. Remember me in your prayers. 🙂

One thought on “Ramadan Check List

  1. Mash’Allah your post was very helpful. I really liked how you made it so easy to go along with. You are a very talented writer mash’Allah! Keep up the good work and you should write more often insh’Allah :).

    May Allah (Swt) make this Ramadan a way for us to get closer to Allah (swt), Ameen.

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