I don't have time

“I Don’t Have Time” – Dr. Abu Zayd


MV: Aselamalikum! As I posted before, I went to the ICNA-MAS 2012 convention this year in Connecticut and while I was there I took many notes about what many scholars said. One particularly good session I heard was about “whats holding us (Muslims) back”. Meaning whats stopping us Muslims from reaching a higher lever of faith. One of the main answers given is that we have to get passed excuses. These excuses are the things we and shaitan use to convince ourselves to delay our Islamic duties or completely forget about them and most importantly they hold us back.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH said:

“The Hour will not come until time passes so quickly that a

 year will be like a month, a month like a week, a week like

 a day, a day like an hour, and an hour like the time it

 takes for a palm-leaf to burn.

Sahih Sahih al-Jami al-Saghir: 7422.

What does this Hadith practically mean?

Different Scholar opinions:

  • Time will actually change (orbits)
  • There will be change in rules (Govt)
  • People will be out of time (crunch of time) but time will say relevant
  • There will be a problem with time thats why this would happen
  • Or time is not the problem but we are the problem and how we use time
Now if you actually look at the facts we do have time, we have time more then the people before us had time. In times, such as the Prophet’s PBUH, people not having lights could not really do anything at night time so they had to sleep, but with the advancement of technology people, now, can virtually stay up later and later. Now with lights, laptops, and television people don’t have to sleep at night. So we can be active, no matter what time it is. So technically time is meaningless for us. It doesn’t matter if it is dark or bright outside because we do not have to sleep at night anymore. Therefore the excuse that you do not have time, is untrue because in reality you actually have more time to use then the Sahabah did.
Now in reality, if you actually are involved and busy, Its perfectly fine and encouraged by Islam. In Islam you should keep your time occupied because then you can be more productive. But saying “you do not have time” is not a valid excuse when it comes to priorities. We, As Muslims, have to live life in a hurry, get involved, be busy, and don’t waste time. So before you hit the play again button on YouTube realize that your just wasting time and that your losing valuable time that can be used for the good Islam!
If you live a busy hurried life, most probably your being productive. Being productive is very improtant in Islam, it shows you are using your time wisely and usually people who are productive are the people who get involved and keep themselves busy. If your looking for a career that keeps you busy and is the most hectic and time consuming the job that comes to mind is being an MD (Doctor). Doctors have a hurried job, they are always busy doing work, such as writing case studies or helping patients they are very involved in their work. Now if you look at the comparison between Islamic Scholars and Doctors, you will find many Doctors have become Islamic Scholars.One that comes to mind is Dr. Zakir Naik.
If any advice can be given. it is to take advantage of little moments. Make zikr.
I don't have time


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