Al-Maghrib Institute Opening In Dubai

MV: Al-Maghrib is all around the globe SubhanAllah!

Message from Muhammad Alshareef (Al-Maghrib founder):

“{Annoucement} AlMaghrib Institute’s New City and Country is: DUBAI, UAE!

I’ll be teaching their first seminar, Seerah ~ the Shepherds Path. All praise is due to Allah.

A special word of thanks to the Islamic Affairs Department, Dubai Government, and all those who worked to make this a reality. You are the pioneers, and I pray that a copy of all the khayr and ilm that flows from this initiative will be yours on the day of Resurrection. Ameen.

6 thoughts on “Al-Maghrib Institute Opening In Dubai

  1. Alhamdulillah! Just when I thought all hope is lost for Dubai, I find Al-Maghrib at Maghrib. For real! Every time I leave my hotel room, I tell myself “Dubai is dead”… It’s my first time here and all it’s done for me is reduce my Iman.

    Yesterday, immediately after praying salatul-maghrib, I look up to find the founder & president of Al-Maghrib Institute. Words cant explain how excited I was to meet him so I wont even discuss that here.

    I’m optimistic that the staff and students of Al-Maghrib can make a BIG difference in Dubai. Hopefully, all the not-yet-Muslims will start making shahadah, the so called Muslims will wake up, and everyone will become less obsessed with dunya.

    After salatul-‘Isha’, an old man gave a lecture in Arabic on this same issue. Although I don’t know Arabic, I was able to understand what he was talking about from the words I recognized.

    May Allah bless it and make it a source of good for Islam and the Muslims.

    PS: If you’re reading this shaykh, please start Al-Maghrib in my country.

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