“Come to the Musjid” – A Brother’s Voice

MV: Aselam Alaikum! I was at the Musjid for Fajr a few days ago and a fellow brother gave a short khatira (lecture) about coming to the musjid. He told us the benefits of coming to the musjid and how big of a blessing it actually is. And that the blessing is even higher during Ramadan. This is  what he said:

27 Times greater reward

It is Narrated by Abdullah Bin ‘Umar: The reward of the congregational prayer is twenty seven times greater (than that of the prayer offered by a person alone). Bukhari :: Book1 :: Volume 11 :: Hadith 621

This shows that when you come to the musjid you are praying in a jam’ah and when you do so you get the reward of praying by yourself 27 times

And during Ramadan your reward for any good act you do is multiplied 70 times. So if you pray by yourself once, it is as if you prayed the same salah 70 times. So Now lets do some math!!!!

  • If you pray by yourself 5 times a day you get a reward of 5 prayers
  • If you pray at the Musjid and in a Jam’ah for all 5 daily prayers you get a reward of 27 x 5 = 135 prayer

Now what excuse do you have? What excuse do you have to not come to the musjid ,especially in Ramadan?

  • Now in Ramadan with 70 times the greater reward combined with the 27 times reward you get when you come to the musjid and pray in jam’ah then you for each of your prayers you get a reward of praying 490 times when you pray just once.
  • And if you pray all 5 salahs in the Musjid during Ramadan then your entire reward for praying 5 times is the same as the reward for praying 2450 times ‘

So, My Brothers it is Ramadan NOW!!! Take advantage of this opportunity

If we were asked to put our money in the musjid and we will get 490 times back of what we gave. Subhannallah we will all put our money in the Mosque. There is no harm in receiving a 490 times greater reward,  so why not come to the musjid? What is your excuse?

IF you live close to the mosque then go pray your prayers in the mosque. We see people In Maghrib, Isha and Taraweeh, But what about the day prayers? Not many people come during Dhur or ‘Asr. And why not? If you have work then it is all right, but what excuse do you have on the weekends? You do not have to go to work then, all you have is this opportunity to achieve reward that will help you in the hereafter.

And if you live far away from the musjid then you get even more reward.

  • Narrated by Abu Musa: The Prophet PBUH said, ” The people who get tremendous reward for the prayer are those who are farthest away (from the mosque) and then those who are next farthest and so on. Similarly one who waits to pray with the Imama has greater reward then one who pays and goes to bed. “Bukhari “” Book 1 “” Volume 11 “” Hadith 62

This shows how for those who live far away from the musjid and come to it, especially now in Ramadan, will get a tremendous reward more then 490 times the reward for praying by yourself. And come in Fajr as well. It is hard i understand between suhoor and fajr there can be little time but if can, wake up earlier to eat your suhoor because when you pray behind the Imam you get more reward then you get even more of a reward. Believe me, that in the long run the reward and the means is better then that 15 minutes of sleep.

And if you come early to the mosque?

If Adhan is not given and it is time then recite the adhan

  • It was narrated that the Mu’aawiyah (May ALLAH be pleased with him) said the Messenger of Allah PBUH said: ” The Muezzins will have the longest necks of the people on the Day of resurrection”

Meaning that if you are the one who gave the Adhan at the musjid you will be upholding deen and will be higher then everyone else.

Reward for praying in First Row

  • Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle said, ” IF the people knew the reward for pronouncing the Adhan and for standing in the first row (in congressional prayer) and found no other way to get that except by drawing lots they would draw lots, and if they knew the reward for duhr prayer (in the early moments of its stated time) they would race for it, and if they knew the reawrd of ‘Isha and Fajr prayers in congregation, they would come to offer them even if they had to crawl” Bukhari -Book 1 :: Volume 1 :: hadith 589

Thus, showing the power of praying in the musjid that the reward is so great that you draw lots, race, and crawl for the prayers and the musjid. And now that it is ramadan all of these reward are amplified so imagine crawling 0 times for a single prayer. That shows the magnitude and reward of coming to musjid in Ramadan and after it. Do not only come in Ramadan, Musjid is a yearly community center and should be used everyday to take advantage of this opportunity. Come to the Musjid

The Prophet (Peace ane Blessing of ALLAH be Upon him) said,

  • “Seven People will be shaded By Allah under his Shade on the Day (of Judgement) when there will be no shade except HIs. They are:
  1. A just ruler
  2. A young man who has been brought up in the worship of Allah (i. e. worship Allah alone) sincerely from his childhood
  3. A man whose heart is attached to the Mushid (who offers the five compulsory congregational prayers in the mosque)
  4. wo people who love each other only for Allah’s sake and they meet and part in Allah’s cause only
  5. A man wo refuses the call of a charming woman of noble birth for an illegal sexual intercourse with her and say ” I am afraid of Allah”
  6. a person who practices charity so secretly that his left had does not know hwat his riht has given (i .e nobody knows how musch he has given)
  7. A person who remembers Alah In seclusion and his eyes get flooded with tears

Sahih Al bukhari Hadith 2.504

Narrated by Abu Huraira

So try to come to the musjid as for many prayers as you can, not only in Ramadan but after as well. The reward is tremendous and InshAllah We will be in Allah’s shade on the Day of Judgement. Ameen

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