Ramadan Reflection: What Habits Will You Keep?

MV: During Ramadan many of us become really religious and keep really good habits. Even the less practicing Muslims become practicing, but only during Ramadan. So why is it that we’re only, Ramadan Muslims but not ‘full time Muslims’ so to speak? What resolutions can we make on the last night of Ramadan to stay like this outside of Ramadan?

For 30 days we train our bodies for the whole year. Like athletes such as Lebron James, whether you like him or not we all have to agree that he sure does train. Just like athletes Ramadan is the training ground for us while the rest of the year is the real battle field. 

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) mentioned if a person trains his mind, soul and body properly during Ramadan, then we will continue with this momentum for the rest of the year. 

Also an example we can look at is true love. If you truly love a person do you just give them a bunch of presents one day and for the rest of the year you treat them like garbage? No true love is when you show them appreciation the whole year long. Allah feeds us, shelters us, gives us everything the whole year, not just for a month, so that’s why we have to be constant. If we truly appreciate Allah swt then we should stay constant, steadfast and show him our love to him for the whole year. 

Its not easy, in fact Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) once said: the true warrior is the one who defeats his nafs or ego. 

Also, Imam Yaseen Sheikh (Plano Masjid) said this amazing quote: “While our hearts are constantly changing, at times our imaan is high, at times our imaan is low, so to stay steadfast is a battle of our hearts.” 

So what exactly are the solutions?

 1. Keep reading the Quran remember it gives us guidance and refutes false notions in our minds.

2. Make dua. If your struggling and want to keep your good habits, it won’t be a bad idea. 

3. Before thinking about doing anything, think a few steps ahead. Check ourselves before you wreck yourself. 

4. Discipline yourselves. Lets say if you miss salaat a lot well no video games, or if you do something haraam on the internet, donate some money to charity, etc. – checking yourselves, discipline yourselves.

Shout out to Imam Yaseen – got much information from him. 

So what were some good habits you learned this Ramadan and see yourself doing outside of Ramadan?

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