How To Cure The PRD (Post Ramadan Depression)

MV: While many of us are still enjoying the after effects of Eid, a lot of us are starting to suffer from the PRD (Post Ramadan Depression)! The PRD is a severe type of depression that occurs to a handful of Muslims men and women, both young and old! 

Some factors that may lead to the depression include:

  • A lack of meal before sunrise
  •  Loss of willingness to be consistent with good habits 
  • Eating at normal hours 
  • A lack of meal at sunset 
  •  Emptiness of Masajids for all prayers 
  • Seeing others return to their past habits 

In all seriousness though, the immediate days after Ramadan are very sad. I felt this particularly the day after Eid. In the day time eating food felt very strange and I felt like eating very little. As the day went by I felt like I was waiting for something, that something was as you can guess Iftaar. I knew there was no iftaar but I still felt like I was waiting for it. After Maghrib I felt like I was waiting for something else, and as you can guess, that something was taraweeh prayer. Instead of feeling really somber, I got up and went for Isha salaat at my local Masjid (Frisco). When I got to the Masjid for Frisco, I wasn’t surprised to see the emptiness of safhs (lines) of prayer. During Ramadan, the Masjid was filled with people while merely 2 days after Ramadan, the Masjid felt so empty and clear. In general the whole day felt like something was missing, something important.

I tried my best that day to follow my habits previous to Ramadan but still, remembering the blessings of Ramadan made me very depressed. Seeing the Masjid empty and others clinging to there old habits was very upsetting as well. Its a common feeling within our Muslim ummah to feel upset after Ramadan ends as (besides the fact we have so many blessings during Ramadan) we see this great increase of Masjid involvement by different people during Ramadan. You see people you’ve never seen in the Masjid before come to the Masjid. You see that one friend you have who made fun of you at school or work for being so religious, at Taraweeh everyday. In general the activism at the Masjid is awesome! As soon as Ramadan ends many start to decrease their participation at the Masjid. 

Check this out, a research of how many people involved at their Masajids during Ramadan vs after:

As you can see, during Ramadan the input goes above the scale while after the input is very little.
*Data is a joke*

Also, here is a  realistic expression of a Muslim during Ramadan vs after:

As you can see, the face expression for during Ramadan is full of emotion and happiness while the one after Ramadan is very dull. Shaykh Sponge bob says it all. 

All jokes aside, having the PRD is a big pain (college right around the corner is adds on to the pain). But there are SOLUTIONS! 

Fast (From Shawal and Beyond)

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: “He who fasts Ramadan, and six of Shawwal, it will be (in terms of rewards) as if the fasted a whole year.” [Muslim] 

This is something I started doing for the first time this year. Alhumdollilah its been 4 days and although it’s not quite the feeling of ‘Ramadan’, it still makes you feel charged! Also, who wouldn’t want to fast just 6 days more after Ramadan and have their fast count as if they fasted for the whole year, subhanAllah!

If the 6 days aren’t enough, we can always try the sunnah way of fasting on Mondays and Thursday of the week. 

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was keen to fast on Mondays and Thursdays. [Narrated by al-Tirmidhi]

Adopt a daily habit

What was that one thing that would keep us occupied during Ramadan? Was it the food at Iftar…yes that too…but it was the fact that we would fast daily for a month as well as visit the Masjid for taraweeh every night. Although no one can fast forever (the sahaba tried but had failed), we can still do some reasonable good habits to keep for the rest of the year insh’Allah. 

…the most beloved deed to Allah’s is the most regular and  constant even though it were little.” [Sahih Bukhari]

Make sure you keep it something that you know you can keep up with every day (this is your whole life we’re talking about), whether its reading the Quran for at least 10 minutes each day or visiting the Masjid once a day, just something you can keep up with.

Get yourself involved with the Masjid

One of my favorite things about the Masjid (besides praying, etc.) is its awesome community events and small programs. A Masjid’s youth group is a great way for the youth to get really involved with the masjid while having fun and keeping good company at the same time. The Masjid’s Sunday/Saturday School, although as a child I was one of those kids who would whine before going to class, volunteering is a whole different experience! Whether your a teacher, staff or office aid, the whole Sunday/Saturday School has a really good environment to be in. Its also something that keeps you looking forward too for the rest of the week. 

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “Seven People will be shaded By Allah under his Shade on the Day (of Judgement) when there will be no shade except His. One of them is, A man whose heart is attached to the Mushid (who offers the five compulsory congregational prayers in the mosque)”

Remember Allah swt

Ramadan might be gone, but that doesn’t mean Allah is gone. Allah swt has been taking care of us since day one, not only Ramadan, so its important we all remember every day of our lives! Yeah sure Ramadan has so many blessings in it, but we must always remember that all those blessings are for one Being, Allah. Whether its during Ramadan or after, lets take advantage of our life to worship him all year round. 

“So remember Me and I shall remember you; give thanks to Me and do not be ungrateful to Me for My favours.” [2:153]

I’m sure there are lots more but those were just some big and general ones I could think of. Ramadan was a great friend of all of ours, however times moving fast and before you know it, insh’Allah we’ll live to see yet another Ramadan :). 

“Make your whole life like Ramadan, and Death will greet you like Eid” – Anonymous 

 PS: On a side note, if you’ve been following me on twitter you would know I started a trend called, #PostRamadanDepressions. Post up a tweet and we’ll retweet it! 🙂

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