The MreView: Al Fatihah for Kids (iPhone App)

MV: Aselamulaikum!

Are your kids or younger siblings obsessed with your Ipod, Iphone, Ipad, android, blackberry, etc? Well join the gang, being an older sibling of 3, I know exactly how you feel! The reality is, is that kids these days at a young age are getting hooked with technology. However, that might not be an entirely bad thing!  Luckily we have helpful apps that can create a good source of learning deen for the younger generation. 

With a lack of Islamic apps for kids out there for the Iphone, ‘Al Fatihah for Kids’ is one of the great examples of what the Iphone can offer for kids!

The app is an awesome and very useful tool for kids, subhanAllah. 

Here’s the story of the app: 

“When I noticed that my nephew aged 3 could not recite al-fatihah while my son who is the same age could because the nursery he went to taught it to him. Then i realised that there must be an app that can be downloaded where kids could learn al-faithah in a fun way… but to my suprise no. I said that someone should build this app and the rest, as they say is history.”

Highlights: The app is meant to be a simple but fun and interactive way for kids to not only learn surah fatihah but also revise it. I tested and confirmed this myself by handing my iphone (yes I share) to my younger brother whose 5 and hasn’t memorized the surah
completely (with perfection). Instead of getting bored and switching to the car app, he enjoyed the app and thought of it as a game but at the same time repeated after the words! And trust me, my brother goes crazy sometimes and has a short attention span. The biggest surprise to me, however, was after going through the surah he said, “Can you let me use this every morning when I wake up?”. SubhanAllah!

Key Features: Recitation of Surah Fatiha ‘twice’ once with an older voice then with younger children.

Touch screen (slide to next screen) and interactive environment.

Price: $1

Halal-O-Meter: Perfect app for kids.

Final Ratting: 9.5/10 – As you can tell from the highlights, the app was very useful for my younger sibling mash’Allah! The only drawback is it would be nice to have a little more content added with the app, maybe another Surah? However other then that the app is great for its simpleness for kids. A definite download!

To download the app click here:

Additionally, here is a video review (not by us) about the app:

Also be sure to show them support and like their FaceBook page here:

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