The MV Presents: “Rise & Revive Ramadan” Campaign

MV: Ramadan…its only been a few weeks since it left but for most of us, our state of minds haven’t been as active as they were during Ramadan (remember “How To Cure The PRD (Post Ramadan Depression“). A huge example can be looked at with our Masajids, during Ramadan the number of attendees for even regular prayers skyrocketed up, while after Ramadan the numbers decrease vastly. But wait, doesn’t this happen every year? 

It’s time for a change. 

Although it can never work completely to the level of Ramadan, we can still make an impact at our Masajids to the best of our abilities insh’Allah, if we all unite together. 

The Muslim Voice Presents: The “Rise & Revive, Ramadan” Campaign 

Although not like your average campaign, the purpose for this campaign is for us (as the Muslim Ummah) to ‘Rise & Revive, Ramadan‘ so we can revive the spirit of ‘Ramadan’, by rising and striving through this particular goal. 

Here are the details:

Ever since Ramadan ended, our Masajids have been near empty compared to during Ramadan. Do you want to help make a difference? Pick one Salaat throughout the day (Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha) and make it a habit to attend at least one of the prayers each day, for week, then a month, then a year until it becomes a habit for a lifetime! If we all do this then insh’Allah our Masajids will be a good reflection of Ramadan. Remember YOU can make a difference.

Note: So while some of us might be at different levels, its meant for all of us to get even better. For example, if you have already have been attending one prayer at the Masjid a day, then make it 2, or if already 2 then make it 3, etc. And if your that one cool guy who has been attending all 5 prayers at the Masjid (Mash’Allah btw) then either make your habit completely solid, or do something else, maybe bring a friend! 

Goals: There are different goals (depending on our level) that we can reach, but for the start make it easier for yourself with a smaller goal. Once the first goal is reached, work towards the second goal and so on.

First Phase: 1-5 Prayer (s), a day, for a week. 

Second Phase: 1-5 Prayer (s), a day, for a month.

Third Phase: 1-5 Prayer (s), a day, for a year.

Final Phase (the phase we all want to reach insh’Allah!): 1-5 Prayer (s), a day, for our entire existence!  

Disclaimer: You may miss a prayer for a valid reason, so don’t count those, the idea to make an effort atleast! Remember this campaign is solely based upon the purpose to help ourselves become better Muslims (for Allah swt) and not for the purpose of showing off to that uncle (whose daughter you want to marry) or anyone else in particular! Its to revive the spirit of Ramadan and at the same time help rise together and build support for our Masajids with bringing more unity and activism insh’Allah. 

So why did we choose praying and Masjid and not something else like fasting?

…the most beloved deed to Allah’s is the most regular and  constant even though it were little.” [Sahih Bukhari]


Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “Seven People will be shaded By Allah under his Shade on the Day (of Judgement) when there will be no shade except His. One of them is, A man whose heart is attached to the Mushid (who offers the five compulsory congregational prayers in the mosque)”

If we make it a constant habit for ourselves to attend the daily prayers at the Masjid then we can insh’Allah be one of those shaded people. Also, I don’t know if its just me but its really horrifying seeing this rapid decrease of attendance at the Masjid , were crickets released after Ramadan?

But I really can’t do it! 

If for some reason you really (and I mean really), can’t attend any prayers at the Masjid due to: Sickness, ‘the Masjid is far, far away’, ‘way too many kids’, ‘no car’, etc. then do something else as a consistent habit of yours. Like I said, its for your OWN benefit, like seriously, I don’t care, do whatever you see best and stick with it insh’Allah!

Will you ‘Rise & Revive, Ramadan’? 

Here is the official link to the Facebook page:

Make this your banner, profile picture, etc. to help spread the word:

Help spread the word, you’ll get the reword 🙂

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