Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) honored By US Supreme Court In 1935

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“Fact: The US Supreme court honored Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him) as one of the greatest impact on law in the world in 1935.

Equality before the law; Innocent until proven guilty; The right to counsel … this is why in 1935, the United States Supreme Court honored Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as one of the 18 greatest lawgivers in human history in 1935.

Islam is also

 recognized in one of our greatest buildings (the Library of Congress) as being one of the 11 or 12 most influential and important contributors to civilization!”

15 thoughts on “Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) honored By US Supreme Court In 1935

  1. Why is it difficult for some to believe that Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, was honored by the US Supreme Court? He is the best of Mankind, believe it or not and the best of examples despite what nastiness is/was spread about him. Facts are facts and do not change based on emotions and ignorance.

  2. Guess we the American citizens should petition to have this removed. Only in Christ and Christianity is true peace found.

  3. @John

    Muslims are just as American citizens as Christians or any other religious group (or non religious groups) are. So as an American citizen I say your claim is absolutely despicable.

    Muslims love Christ more then you would ever know about. Jesus would never want inequality or hatred being spread.

  4. Thomas Jefferson was a great admirer of the culture of Islam. Although he was not a religious man, he admired the many achievements in science and math in the Muslim world, and he had many books from the Middle East, including a copy of the Quran. So I don’t imagine that he would have any problem with Mohammed being honored alongside Confucius, Moses, Solon, and other great lawgivers.

    However, he was not honored until 1935, as the poster says, when the modern Court Building of the Supreme Court of the United States was finished. It includes a frieze of the greatest lawgivers the builders could think of, which included Mohammed (described at first as the founder of Islam).

    The Council of American-Islamic Relations did ask for it to be removed, as of course Muslims object to such depictions. However, for various reasons (including the fact that it would be illegal to alter the frieze), it was not done. However, the description was changed to make it clear that the Mohammed was the Prophet of Islam, and not the founder, and that the intention was only to honor him as a great man and a giver of laws, and that the picture did not actually resemble Mohammed as he would have been in life.

  5. Unbelievable really
    Looks like you American and European doesn’t know the fact of Mohamed one of the biggest criminal in world history I’m not making this up,go read about his life from Muslims book as of (saheah al bakary,saheah muslim and sera al nabouea) Looks like you don’t know about (safea) who killed her uncle,brother,father and rape her. Looks like you don’t know when they were go to villages and killed people and take their money and women’s to rape them later. How you think all these Arab country become Muslims they were most of them are Christian and Jewish and Islam come by swords they fight these country’s and force them to get into Islam or they were chop their heads I was a Muslim and I wish you guys can read Arabic so you can read all his criminal from their own books
    Wake up American!!

  6. Arabs existed before islam and many were nomads. Most believed in idiols and worshipped many gods. Manu were even christians whom fought during the crusades were many innovent lives were taken in the name of christianity. During the crusades women children and the elderly were murdered,raped and even slaved.
    During islam there were many wars and by law of God according to the prophet mohammad and the quran, women children and the elderly are not to be harmed. The religion of islam does not allow for attacking or destroying the place of worship of religions and does not allow to attack any people or religion unless they are attacked first or forced into oppression. Muslims have been oppressed until now and are always made to look bad in the eyes of media. The prophet mohammad warned us all of what was to come and what will be yet to come. I urge you to read the quran and hadiths. Find the truth behind the science and facts of islam but not that of those who write to corrupt and discriminate against the truth, Islam. May peace and blessings be upon all human kind as thats what islam teaches. May God have peace and blessings upon the prophet mohammad and all prophets of allah.

  7. The first verse of the Quran is: “Read”. Have you ever heard of a better title for a religion?Just go everybody and read. Maybe you save your skin from Hell Fire!

  8. It never surprises me the ignorant comments from so-called Europeans and so-called Christians appear on anything about the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Islam was the driving force that brought Western Europe out of the dark ages therefore America owes a huge debt of gratitude to Islam for bringing the nations that birthed the founding fathers of America out of the darkness of intellectual and spiritual death. People are quick to pick up books that lie and spread misinformation about the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) but will not pick up a Quran and read it.

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