The MV Presents: The MVisuals

MV: Aselamulaikum!

The Muslim Voice presents our first official partner service, “The MVisuals”. 

After years of creating designs for big events, organizations, and of course the Muslim Voice, we have finally decided (from requests of several people) to start our own business/service of graphic designing, worldwide! 

The MVisuals serves to establish the needs of organizations (i.e. Masjids, MSAs, YMs, etc.) or simply people who need professionally made designs for a variety of purposes. 

Description: “Looking for professional, high quality, or state of the art graphic designs for a local event, organization or website?
Through years of experience, The MVisuals provides high quality designs, such as; logos, flyers, program, web designs, posters, organization designs, and more!



A variety of sample logos, flyers, designs, etc. (previously used), can be found on our official Facebook Page
insh’Allah we hope this service will be beneficial for the community and people worldwide. 
If you need a design done for your Masjid, organization, etc., please contact “” for more information.
Also check out our official Facebook page by clicking the picture bellow. 
TheMVisuals Logo
Disclaimer: The MVisuals, along with “” and the short story, “The Crown of Faith” are all properties and content created by

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