How to Party For Your Life

Note: This post was written on NYE but can be used for any other “party” night.

MV: Salaam!

Tell me if I’m lying, today’s the day where a lot of people, Muslim or Non-Muslim, young or old, Arab or non-Arab, go all out like the world’s ending tomorrow? When it comes down to the youth especially, a lot of them get invited to that awesome, baller, party on New Year’s eve night.

Now as a youth, as if not having enough things to worry about (besides prom and being cool), why shouldn’t they wanna go to this party? I mean you got all of the “cool” kids from school coming and not to mention its the last day of the year! You want to make it worth it don’t you? Go all out, live like there’s no tomorrow?

You get where I’m going. As a youth it truly is hard and you honestly need a good enough reason not to go to this party. Which is exactly why its really important that Masajids/Youth Organizations/Institutions organize an alternative gathering for the youth on New Year’s Eye. There are dozens of New Year’s Eve parties going on around town tonight so how cool would it be if the youth have an alternative place to go, chill with friends, have fun, and all under a peaceful hood.  The goal is to organize a legit party/gathering for the youth that competes with that other party, the only exception being within the boundaries of Islam.  Also, it doesn’t have to be a strictly “religious” gathering, remember aim for the youth that usually chill up at the clubs on this day, yes we’re talking about Muslim youth here.The “religious youth” are easy to get, but the goal is to try to reach out to the what I like to call, “the wrecked youth.” If the youth that were at the club the other night show up, know it was a success. 

So how do we organize this “baller” party/gathering?

Keep it Youth Friendly 

This doesn’t mean keeping board-games, this means keeping an all out hardcore Basketball, dodgeball, pingpong, Soccer, tournament! The good thing about here (Dallas, TX) is that Masajids have amazing basketball courts! If your Masjid does not, then atleast try to keep other cool indoor activities. Wrestling is a good one. But it doesn’t end there, keep some legit video games (obviously with the permission of your imam/board and Islamically appropriate ones), and last but not least, some juicy, good tasting, zabihah halal food! 


 Halalify it


Once your good with keeping it youth friendly, now you just make sure its all halal. No not just the meat. Make sure there are limits. Additionally, use it as a means to build strong brotherhood! The best thing a wrecked youth can have is a good Muslim friend. Maybe keep a little heart to heart conversations/discussions alongside, but make sure you keep it fun and down to earth.



Keep it Chill 

Again you don’t have to make it an extremely religious gathering, that will turn them away. Don’t use fire with fire. If we see someone causing trouble be firm, but at the same time keep patience. The Masjid is a great place to build strong bonds with Allah and also other Muslims. Keep it that way, you want to make them come back.

Shaitans out there hunting. This is how we can help make our communities stronger, youth friendly, and provide nourishment for the soul.

May Allah swt give us all the ability to help bring ourselves and also others closer to Him, Ameen.



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