I Can’t Relate To The Lecture

MV: Aselamulaikum

Recent I…

Went to a family friends gathering, related to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). One of the speakers who came was some really big scholar from Pakistan and his topic was on the celebration of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)’s birthday (Milad). While I have my own stance on the celebration (note my going does not necessarily mean I support or don’t support the celebration- it was a family invite), I do have to humbly disagree with the manner the topic was presented. With due respect for the speaker, for around 2 hours straight, his topic was on persuading us (the audience) and ESPECIALLY the youth, that the celebration is acceptable in Islam.

This isn’t directed towards anyone specially, but I strongly believe that in our times, when picking out topics for lectures, talks, discussions, etc. we should try our best to pick out topics that are easily relatable to situations and problems in our society. We can talk about the length of the beard, celebrations, and other such topics in happier times. Right now, people are on the verge of leaving Islam, families are breaking apart, the youth are committing horrendous sins; right now we need lectures that are presented in a way where people don’t just sit and listen to a lecture, but actually retain it and use it to win an internal battle within their hearts.

Going back to the talk today, I personally believe that if the topic was on how to “be like the Prophet PBUH” and learning to deal with our struggles from his life, would be of more benefit then a stance on why the celebration of Prophet Muhammad PBUH is allowed or not allowed. Not only would we be appreciating the Prophet pbuh, we could use and implement his life, in our own lives.

Again not directed towards anyone or group specifically, just food for thought. Allah knows best.


2 thoughts on “I Can’t Relate To The Lecture

  1. Well said.100 percent agreed.Today it’s a fitnah that we muslims are busy in having arguements and debates on beard, shaving moustaches and in Pakistan you will be considered a good muslim only if you are wearing kurta type clothes and a turbine etc.I am not saying that speeches on this topic are not good.We should conduct such type of halaqats but primarily our concern should be how to become a good muslim by nature and secondarily by appearance.People here in Pakistan are busy to have fatwah on an islamic school or some scholar or why that person is not wearing shalwar qameez.They are always trying to judge your emaan by these kind of things.I’ve alot more to say but my end note is that first we should introduce our youth to Quran and Sunnah and then their appearance or whatever will change automatically.They themselves would become eager to follow Sunnah of Prophet S.A.W.W.When they get real islamic knowledge then only positive changes will be seen in them. JazakAllah khairan kaseera.

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