I Could Die Today

MV: Greetings of Peace to All My Friends and Family,

Due to a certain condition, I have no gurantee of living; in other words, I could die in any second. Hopefully with this small time I have, I would just like to request a few things. First off, if I’ve ever said anything hurtful or offensive, please forgive me with your heart. Secondly, I don’t say this enough, but I sincerely love all my friends and family, no matter who you are. Please make dua (suplications) for me.

The Name of my condition: Being Human.

The reality is, we as humans, certainly don’t have gurantee of living until another day. In fact, “if there’s one thing that’s certain about life, it is death.” Often time, we always plan ahead; we plan to graduate, earn a living, get married, have kids, become successful, buy a house, and grow old, but the one thing we always forget to plan for is death, when in reality we could die in any second. One day we see life and the next day we don’t. This is why God teaches us to live our life accordingly, with our purpose in mind because if we don’t, then we won’t be ready when death comes to us,
greeting us without Salaam (peace).

My intentions aren’t to be a downer, emo, or “scare” you, it’s just as a reminder to myself first and far most and then others, that death is certainly a reality. Whatever I said about forgiveness and love still hold though, because tomorrow may not happen.


One thought on “I Could Die Today

  1. Very true Saad bhai.We always plan for our future of which we are not even 1 percent sure and death which is certain,we do not have even time to think about it.JazakAllah for the reminder.A few months back one of our senior college fellows died infront of us due to cardiac arrest.She was only 18.May Allah bless her soul.Aameen.But i think it was a reminder for all of us that death can catch us anywhere anytime.May Allah bless us and Keep us Safe from His Azab e azeem.Aameen.

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