TheMreView: The Fiqh of Chillin’ (Al Maghrib – Dallas)

MV: Subhan’Allah, my first Al-Maghrib class, ever.

I always wanted to to attend Al-Maghrib ever since I lived in New York, but never got the opportunity. Just recently, Al-Maghrib finally opened up here in Dallas, Tx. The most recent class, “The Fiqh of Chillin'” was the third class to date and alhumdollilah I got the opportunity to attend! 

Highlights: If you haven’t ever been to a standard Al-Maghrib class before, they’re set up so as a three day weekend seminar. 

Some Highlights include:

  • Shaykh Saad’s story of his journey from “Rock-star to Shaykh Star.”
  • Interactive and relevant videos  related to the topics throughout the seminar.
  • Shaykh Saad’s excellent style of approach to topics – personally loved the way he approached Music.
  • Shaykh Saad’s involvement with the audience – gave out candy to those who answered questions correctly :).
  • Shaykh Saad’s personal experiences from growing up, Madinah, and from other classes he taught, really made the topics feel more down to earth. 
  • References to the Prophet pbuh, the sahabas, famous shaykhs, etc. – especially reference to their excellent characters was very beneficial and gave me a warm feeling in the heart :).
  • The Joke and poetry submissions. 
  • And last, but not least – the ocean-full of precious gems taken from the class made it not just an ordinary seminar, but excellent and useful knowledge that can be use to implement ourselves insha’Allah.

MreView: Honestly though, was the seminar actually worth $85?


Although the topics covered were great and much needed to be discussed, I felt some of them were a little dragged on then others. Besides that one factor, however, I thought the seminar was near perfect subhan’Allah! Shaykh Saad is a very unique and down to earth ustadh, the way he speaks makes you appreciate the topic and relate to it. Not to mention, Shaykh Saad deserves the “Chillest Shaykh Award” – honestly though, this shaykhs got real style mash’Allah.

The seminar gives you exactly what was advertised, “how to chill.” This seminar made me realize of how much halal options Allah swt has made for us, but we as humans tend to focus on that small amount of haraam.  

My Favorite Overall Topics included: Consumerism, Music, Recreational Drugs, Social Media, Moderation, and Friendship.

Final Verdict


The Fiqh of Chillin is overall an amazing, life changing course. Definitively worth the $85. 

Overall Ratting: 9.8/10

 Can’t wait for the next Al-Maghrib class insha’Allah!

Also, major props to the volunteers for their hard work in bringing the seminar here in Dallas!

If you’ve been following us on twitter/facebook you may have noticed some gems we received from the class, here’s a collection of them.





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