Pre-Ramadan Tips For Your Soul


MV: If you’ve been keeping up with The MV fb page, you’ll know I’ve been posting up a list of Pre-Ramadan reminders. Here are all of them:

Pre-Ramadan Tip #1:
Ramadan is the training ground for a year round battle. Pick and choose your targets beforehand. Make yourself a list of goals that you want to achieve this Ramadan, maybe a list of sins you’d like to give up, that way you know where to start when Ramadan is here.

Pre-Ramadan Tip #2:
Begin fighting a war within your mind and soul. 
Work on setting your mind straight with a clear intention, and ask yourself why you want to fast this Ramadan. 

Is it because your parents told you to? Is it because so you don’t want to look bad within the Muslim crowd? Is it to improve your chances of a better marriage proposal? A good deed without a good intention, is like planting a tree, only to burn it down at the end. 

Intentions is the first step to any and every good deed. Set your mind straight from now, don’t fast because your parents told you to or because “everyone does it”; do it for God. A reminder to myself.

Pre-Ramadan Tip #3:

Make the Masjid a sanctuary for your soul. While going to the Masjid everyday may not be possible for everyone, it certainly does seems like it’s possible during Ramadan. Begin reviving the atmosphere of Ramadan before it even begins, that way when Ramadan hits, going to the Masjid won’t seem like traveling to neverland. Attempt to refresh your mind and soul at the Masjid atleast once, if not a few times a day. Lets all begin to rise and revive Ramadan.

Pre-Ramadan Tip #4:

Begin reconnecting with the Qur’an. Ramadan is the month of the Qur’an, meaning we have to give it our furthermost attention. If we start now, by Ramadan we’ll be able to maintain a solid relationship with the Qur’an. Disconnect to Reconnect.

Pre-Ramadan Reminder #5: 

Make “Dua” your weapon. Since Ramadan is a training field to a year-long battle with Shaitan, it could become overwhelming when he gets chained up during Ramadan. Many people have a change of heart during Ramadan, for other people–its back to square one once the month is over. Make sincere dua to be one of those that undergo an experience of a life-long transformation. With Dua as your tool, we can become a successful product of the month of Reconstruction.

Pre-Ramadan Reminder #6 [Final]:

The Angel of Death has been waiting. This may be our last Ramadan, this may be the last chance we get. Acknowledge that being able to witness Ramadan this year is a mercy from God. There were those that were with us last Ramadan, those that were active in the community, the ones we were expecting to see this Ramadan; who won’t be with us. Treat this Ramadan like your last, the last opportunity to become a better individual, redefine your soul. A reminder to myself.

Finally, I’ve created banners for this upcoming month of Ramadan. Feel free to use them!

Refill The Container Ramadan

War Between Your Heat and Soul Ramadan

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