Dr. Kamran Riaz: Building a Community before Building a Masjid

MV: Amazing point posted by Hafiz Dr. Kamran Riaz:


The Prophet (S) spent 13 years in Makkah building people before building masjids in Quba and Madinah. He invested in human capital because this is far more precious than physical capital.

As American Muslims, we’ve built enough buildings by the Grace of God. It’s wonderful that we’re building masjids/etc. We’re not calling for a moratorium on such projects, but a paradigm shift in thinking in our communities is long overdue. We are faced with challenges that require a conglomeration of scholars, activists, community workers and working professionals trained in the Tradition to collectively work towards these goals. But we need to properly train people for these tasks–we can’t just place someone in a position because they are eloquent, charismatic, popular or well-connected. We need to comprehensively train people for such positions. It’s time to start building people and not just buildings. Invest in human capital because that’s what he (S) did.




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