[Updated] Bacon Put into Straw of Muslim Women’s Drink as Discrimination in TGI Fridays

[Update 4]: Read this statement posted by TGI Fridays to the Muslim community: https://themuslimvoice.net/2013/10/10/statement-from-tgi-fridays-to-the-muslim-voice-message-to-the-islamic-community/?relatedposts_exclude=5197

[Update 3]: Update on the story: https://themuslimvoice.net/2013/10/05/discriminated-muslim-woman-demands-on-camera-apology-from-tgi-fridays/ 

[Update 2]: Following news and video was posted on WFAA: http://www.wfaa.com/news/local/dallas/muslim-woman-meal-226241281.html

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GARLAND — Nicole Queen never wanted the attention; only to make a simple statement on how she felt she was being treated.

A converted Muslim, she said it was supposed to be a casual lunch with a friend at TGI Friday’s at the Firewheel Town Center in Garland. She said her lunch date started with a very cold reception from the server.

“It was kind of like being taken care of behind bars,” Queen said.

She said the server was put off by a request to remove bacon from her Cobb salad because it is forbidden for Muslims to eat pork.

“Me and my friends were like, ‘Let’s be extra nice to him, because maybe he’s not comfortable with us because we’re Muslim,’” Queen recalled.

But she said that helped little in easing the tension between them and the server.

By the end of the meal, she said their original waiter had stopped serving them and they were being handled by another employee.

When it came time to pay the bill, their new server asked if Queen wanted a refill on her iced tea to-go. She thought that was really odd, because she’s never been given a refill to-go for free, but thought it was the server offering a kind gesture.

Queen said when she took a sip from her iced tea in the parking lot, she noticed something was off from the very start.

She said there were pieces of bacon in her straw.

“I knew right away that that it was bacon, and I knew right away that it had been placed in my straw because that was the first thing that went into my mouth,” Queen said.

She said she remembered what bacon tasted like from before she converted. She took the cup to the restaurant manager, but didn’t feel like the manager was taking her complaint seriously.

“He said, ‘Our wait staff does not have access to the kitchen and they wouldn’t do that on purpose.’ Everything that came out of his mouth was denial and excuses,” she said.

A spokesman for TGI Friday’s provided this statement to News 8 on Wednesday night:

“We take this matter very seriously, as it would represent a gross violation of our values and the promise we make to each of our guests. We have been in contact with the guest, and we are working with her to investigate. We will take any appropriate actions necessary based on the findings.”

Queen converted from Christianity to Islam six years ago. She still holds on to the first Quran that her now-husband handed to her.

“They made me feel like a minority, and I’ve never known what that feels like,” Queen said.

She added that she has no intention of filing a lawsuit against the restaurant, but hopes her experience can be a teaching moment for people in that establishment.

She hopes Friday’s offers sensitivity training to their employees.

Late Wednesday night, Queen told News 8 that an executive had called her apologizing for the way she was treated, and was assured they would fully investigate what happened that Tuesday afternoon.

Following message was also posted by the official TGI Fridays Facebook page:



Salaam and Peace to all.

My name is Saad, I am the creator of this site. The statistics for the views and amount of comments (within a short amount of time) is a record breaker for this site. I am grateful to see so much support from people regarding this horrible act of discrimination.

As an American Muslim, I believe we do not have room for religious, racial intolerance, or any other stereotypical discrimination. This is what our religion teaches and this is what values hold our country.

I have deleted some of the discriminatory and intolerable comments made by a couple of the users and contacted them separately. I would ask everyone to please refrain from any negative or discriminatory comments, and if there is any misconceptions regarding Islam, you may email us separably at: TheMuslimVoice.com@Gmail.com and we can have a good conversation about it :). Thank you.

MV: Message posted by Sr. Nicole Queen (influential Muslim revert and inspirational speaker), on a recent discrimination encounter that she experienced at TGI Fridays (here in Garland, TX):

Had lunch at TGI Fridays at Firewheel Center with a friend today…wouldn’t normally go there but was looking for a good salad. We sent my friends salad back because it had bacon, didn’t make a big deal and the server fixed it. He was tense as he serve us and didn’t dare smile or show a personality. I told my friend, this guy does not want us at his table…she agreed. So then at the end of our lunch a diff waitress finished our check. She asked if I would like a Togo cup of ice tea. I said sure and she presented me with a foam cup and straw already in it with the top part of the wrapper still in tact. I got in the car and took off the top wrap and took a sip, instead of tea I got a mouth of BACON!!! I took both my kids out of the car, loaded them in the double stroller and marched back in the building with my cup and the bacon on top of the lid. I asked for the manager and told him what happened and his reply was just deny deny deny. Oh I don’t think anyone did that on purpose…blah blah. Really? So someone accidentally stuck bacon into the straw and stuck in my cup and placed the wrapper back on top, for the girl in the scarf? Yeah total accident that it happens to be bacon. He continues to deny and I give him the cup with bacon and said here’s your tea back, and your bacon and let your employees know their trick didn’t work. I can’t think of a time I was more offended and I will never eat at any of your restaurants again. He let’s me leave angry and only offers a new drink. Well, the head of DFW CAIR happened to have dinner at my house tonight and made a call to TGI Fridays and let them know that this is not acceptable treatment and was very offensive and recommended they discuss this treatment with employees. A member of their waitstaff placed bacon in the straw of my drink to make a statement to me. Whether your Muslim, Christian, or Jewish don’t ever just accept something like this and say nothing. They put bacon in the wrong girls straw.


MV: As of when this post was written, several messages of oposition have been posted on the TGI Fridays official Facebook page. Can be seen here

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  1. I sat down at this location for lunch one day. I sat there for 15 minutes into my lunch break without someone so much as asking me what I would like to drink. Especially since two different employees looked right at me and ignored me as they served other people. It’s a horrible establishment, racist and they just don’t care. I haven’t went back.

  2. Hey Garnett, maybe reconsider your location because the country we live in provides for freedom of religion. Let me say that in words you will understand: you have to respect my religious right (along with those of Jews, mind you) and not shove bacon in my straw.

  3. To whom it apparently does concern, Blake Harllee. The same “imaginary” god does not allow a jewish person to eat bacon as well. So its not about sensitivity – it’s religion or maybe a term you will understand: its a life choice so don’t judge.

  4. Hey Haters! Keep hating! But guess what? It’s our country just as much as yours, so keep on hating but get used to it- we’re here to stay and not going anywhere!! You think by putting bacon in our drinks, we’ll go away? Hahaha. How wrong could you be!


  5. You all know this was done because she is Muslim, don’t you think there is enough Prejudice and racism in the world now, why can’t she get respect and what about the respect for her children, Not Right, Not Right at all

  6. I am sorry, but I am disgusted by what was done at the restaurant. The fact that there are people who show no sympathy and choose to deny any discrimination is just being extremely ignorant. No Muslim nor any other religious individual is forcing there beliefs on anyone else, but rather trying to live their own life with their own beliefs. People need to grow up and realize that the world is not a white nation. Get your heads out of your asses, and you learn to deal with the coloured people around you

  7. First of all its a clear case of racism and discrimination! Secondly all you people who have crap to say about Muslims should also think if this was them and had found something in their meal, yall would have created such a big deal and news would be on national TV! Stop hating! Like it or not, Accept the fact that everyone has equal rights here.

  8. Dear fellow “Americans”,

    I too am a Muslim. I am Cherokee Indian. Just exactly where should I go back home to? I was born in Horry County, South Carolina to two active duty US Air Force soldiers. My people were here, probably before many of yours were. So maybe I should say for you to go back where you came from? You are the people who raped, killed and stole the land from my people. Where is the compensation for that? Should I call you all terrorists?

    Where is the justice, liberty and happiness for all? That’s what the United States of America was supposed to be based upon. According to our own US laws we are not allowed to violate others regardless of race, sexuality, religion, etc. Are we so ignorant that we can’t accept the terms that we agree upon every time we recite the national anthem, constitution, etc.

    Yes, there are bad people EVERY WHERE….every country, every religion. Evil does not know race, creed, economic status or religion. To constantly put blame on one religion is unfair and unjust. Education is the key to understanding.

  9. It’s not racism, it’s jealousy. You can’t stand to see someone that looks different come here and flourish. Muslims come here to work, our kids go to school, they study and make a decent living. They provide for the economy. We’re not a drain on society. We help it grow. We don’t depend on the government for financial help. Our religion teaches us to make an honest living. We have as much of a right to be here as you do. You messed with the wrong group. We know our rights as Americans!

  10. And I suppose you all think slavery and the Holocaust were very lovely points in history as well.

    It’s ironic how ignorant you think we are, yet how foolish your ignorance makes you. And you just parade it around with pride.

    This hatred is your ignorance. You’re slaves and puppets to the media.

    If you took a moment to realize how blindly you’ve been following others, you might do something incredible and open your eyes. Think for yourself instead of hating so blindly.

    It’s obvious you think Islam supports terrorism, but believe it or not, murder is prohibited in Islam. The Qur’an itself says, “Do not kill a person because Allah has forbidden killing.”
    It says, “Whosoever killed a person it shall be as if he killed all mankind; and whoso saved a life, it shall be as if he has saved the life of all mankind.”

    I’m not saying it’s a pacifist religion, but the laws are very clear.

    As victims of hate, as knowledgeable human beings, I’d think we’d all be above this atrocious behavior. Whatever our race or religion.

    I’m not saying terrible things haven’t happened. I’m not saying people haven’t done horrible things in the name of Islam. But they’re terribly mistaken, just as you’re terribly mistaken in believing Islam promotes violence. So don’t label an entire group with the wrongs an individual has done.

  11. So ironic, because I believe Korzuch is a Jewish name, so you’re just offending your own ancestors there buddy.

  12. I’m so sorry this happened to you. And I’m so sorry about the hate-filled comments you are getting. I am a Christian, and I am deeply ashamed if any of the bigots spewing hate in the comments section claim to share my religion.

    What happened to you was wrong. Someone went out of their way to disrespect you and your faith. It does not represent the ideals of justice and liberty for all that we strive for in our nation. I hope that the person who put bacon in your drink is fired.

  13. lol these racist comments that are supposed to “offend” us is making me laugh. nice try, but your own insecurity is showing.

  14. I am absolutely disgusted by this and the comments here. I have nothing but love, respect, and admiration for our Islamic brothers and sisters. I am so sorry for the treatment you all receive. Just know you are all loved and welcomed by many of us!

  15. to this who called Bob Korzuch whis very heavy on the ears to hear this name
    If i think of having a restaurant TGI FRIDAYS will be the last restaurant i think of
    when first this reataurant was opened it was pristigious to go to but with time it started going down with customers treatment nd the standard of food they serve
    dont turn it to religion nd hatred it is manners nd education u unbeliever

  16. These hate filled comments are so beyond disgusting as well as what occurred at TGI’s. I can’t understand how anyone could have so much hatred and negativity in their lives. Yet again why am I surprised, this is what America has become and known for.
    Pure hate , racism, and violence.

    No matter the religion a person follows, eveyone has the right to follow it and be respected to follow it.

  17. I would have taken pictures, emailed the CEO and blasted what happened all over the internet. Never too late.

  18. Wow. These comments are all reasons why there shouldn’t be a comment section on some things. Grow up. Put on your big boy panties and deal with the fact that this happened in America, where freedom of religion is a right granted to us in the bill of rights. If you don’t like it, why don’t you go to a country that will restrict that right for you, like, oh, say… North Korea? You idiots are the reason the entire world looks down on the US. I hope whatever gods you might believe in show you zero mercy when you die and are being judged for the life you led. You disgust me.

  19. To all Bigots/Cowards: it’s ironic how far you will go behind the keyboard to promote racism from an incident that is clearly racism. Yet when it comes to promoting tolerance in today’s day and age is as vital as the day we (Americans) committed the largest genocide known to mankind against Native Indians, you claim it’s your land. Frankly, it isn’t it’s every American citizen that contributes to this society’s’ land. First and foremost, this isn’t a Christian nation, far from it. The fun fact of you bigots reaction is that your views will slowly be washed away and isolated as time goes by. Keep your spew of racism coming while we still flourish in thei great country we call America.

    Btw, the irony of the comment “go back to your wasteland of a desert” is remember that statement the next time you’re at a gas station you moron. Next, name one “Islamic country” in the Middle East. See, a lack of education shines through every ridiculously bigoted fueled comment this blog. Congrats you’re a certified fool.


  21. Great job Jake! Way to tell them! You sound more intelligent than the root of a bacon itself. You moron.

    Muslims, this is your land just as much as it is my (Christian background) land. These buffoons, filled with hate will realize the correct American values do not endorse hate, let alone, racism. It’s just a phase and it will be over soon.

  22. I have nothing really to say about this article, other than the fact that this was clearly an action to offend a woman who is Muslim. What really angers and offends me is the comments here. Many of you are accepting of this sort of action and saying things like “we all like bacon” and “there’s nothing wrong with bacon.” To a majority of the population, there is nothing wrong with bacon. However, that does not matter because it was not a piece of bacon in YOUR straw, it was a piece of bacon in a Muslim woman’s drink. For those of you who are so racist and quick to judge, if you had taken the time to get educated on the subject you are so quick to discuss, you would know that bacon is a forbidden food in the religion of Islam. There is absolutely nothing wrong. You would not target a person who is allergic to bacon, it is simply the fact that many of you are quick to judge and discriminate against the Muslim population. Unfortunately, it seems as those who poke fun at Muslims are uneducated about Christianity because in Leviticus 11:7-8, it forbids the consumption of pork.

    The fact that people are still telling the Muslim population to “go back to wherever you came from” is especially astonishing. Until now, several small minded people discriminate against the Muslim population. Regarding Bobs comments about Islam being a religion of hate and violence, you cannot be more incorrect. All 114 chapters of the Quaran introduce our God as “the most merciful”. So tell me how a religion could be so contradictory that a religion that calls their God “the most merciful” can turn around and practice acts of violence. For the specific group of Muslims that do take the words of the Quaran out of context (the 1% if I may add) they are the minority of the religion, therefore, their actions cannot depict the practices and beliefs of the vast majority like me or my mother that go to school and go to work and are quite peaceful if I may add. The fact of the matter is, Islam is a religion of tolerance, and mercy, and forgiveness, not violence and intolerance.

    It also seems as if the Muslim population is put under such a microscope, which exploits every single poor decision they make, but ignore the contributions they make to society. For example, there is not a single person on this planet that does not know who Osama Bin Laden is, and in no way am I condoling his actions. However, I am sure none of you know who Muhammad ibn Musa Al Khawarizmi is or the contributions he made to society. For those of you who don’t know, Al Khawarizmi was an Arabic scholar who set the foundation for the concept of trigonometry, and algebra. My main point is, unfortunately, Muslim’s have been tainted with a bad reputation because of a select group of terrorists and morons who resort to violence and change the connotation of the Quaran to fit their needs and values. However, many tend to overlook the 99% of Muslims who are just like you; who go out and work for a living, who send their children to school, and have ambitions and dreams just like the rest of you.

    Islam is a beautiful religion that promotes tolerance, respect, friendship, and mercy. I am well aware that no matter what I say, there will still remain a group of people who are unmoved and will never change their poor perception of Islam and Muslims. I just felt the need to inform those who are willing to listen to a 16 year old child and actually learn about the basis of Islam.

  23. Its not Racism?
    You can go on criticizing that Islam is this and Islam is that. Anyone with a logical brain and an understanding of society knows what happened had nothing to do with Islam or bacon. It was a malicious act that discriminated a person for having her own beliefs. She didn’t protest to you selling bacon, but only asked that she won’t be served any bacon or swine. Now some of you ignorant red necks won’t be able to respect that. Its okay though. We don’t expect you to. We’ll enjoy the freedom this great country gave us and look past the short comings of a few of its citizens.

    As hurtful and shameful as this is. I still believe I live in a better America.

  24. Salaam and Peace to all.

    My name is Saad, I am the creator of this site. The statistics for the views and amount of comments (within a short amount of time) is a record breaker for this site. I am grateful to see so much support from people regarding this horrible act of discrimination.

    As an American Muslim, I believe we do not have room for religious, racial intolerance, or any other stereotypical discrimination. This is what our religion teaches and this is what values hold our country.

    I have deleted some of the discriminatory and intolerable comments made by a couple of the users and contacted them separately. I would ask everyone to please refrain from any negative or discriminatory comments, and if there is any misconceptions regarding Islam, you may email us separably at: TheMuslimVoice.com@Gmail.com and we can have a good conversation about it :). Thank you.

  25. Honestly this could have happened at any establishment with low life employees. I hope this goes national. If I was that woman I would have thought I was being filmed for some stupid prank or reality show to make a point of how awful it feels to be completely disrespected because you are different. For whatever reason the waitstaff had nothing better to do than make someone feel like shit. Hate someone on your own miserable clock. I will never eat at another TGIF restaurant.

  26. @Gary Hines.. you actually went out of ur way to do something as pathetic as that and risk getting in trouble because if it? Lol idiots like you put this great country to shame. We are all americam whether you haters like it or not 😉

  27. I normally do not read comments to topics like this because there are usually a great deal of them that shows the ignorance of too many people in this country. To those saying this isn’t an instance of racism, you’re probably right because Islam is not a race. However it is a clear example of bigotry. It was a clear attempt to offend a Muslim woman and insult her beliefs. It doesn’t matter whether the waitress agrees with the woman’s faith or not. Her job was to provide quality customer service to an individual who came into her restaurant. She clearly failed Point Blank as did the Manager who tried to downplay the situation. As a Muslim woman myself, I too would’ve been offended by this and am glad this sister stood up and spoke out. To the internet bigots and bullies, I feel nothing but pity for you and can only offer my sincere prayers that you may be granted guidance by the One who created us all.

  28. I’m curious. What do you think happens to a muslim if you put bacon grease in their food in a way that the muslim doesn’t know you did it? What do you derive from that? And how creative was it to put bacon in the straw? It seems to me that if you find this creative that means you probably haven’t thought of it yourself and that your imagination may need some broadening. I’ve never understood how hate can be so fullfilling.

  29. I am very good friends with the individual that went through this. The restaurant was not apologetic nor admitted to their mistake. I don’t care what religion you are. This is just wrong on so many levels.


  31. For some ignorant people let me start by saying Muslims, Christians and Jews have the same God. Just because Muslims call him ‘Allah’ doesn’t mean he’s any different that’s just one of the 99 names for him. Second of all whatever happened to freedom of Religion? If eating bacon is a really big deal for some people and their religion then respect that and if you don’t respect that keep your damn hatred comments to yourself. If you’re a server your job is to fulfill our needs and what we want to eat no matter what our religion is. I am a Muslim and an American citizen and if you’re going to tell me this is not my land only because I’m a Muslim then I feel terrible for you and how ignorant and dumb you are. Reading this article is sad considering I just went there few weeks ago and really didn’t expect this from them.

  32. The person you want to file a compliant with is Steve, phone number 972-662-5549. Please call him. If you’re a bigot you would cheer him on what his staff did, if you’re an American you would file a complaint. At lease let him know you guys (Muslims) exsist. Reading and commenting on the topic is fine but not taking action afterwards, well, you’re just as responsible as the idiots that commited this trashy move.

  33. What a horrible, disrespectful thing to do, especially in front of children. I hope you will consider filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau; and the Texas Commission on Human Rights.

    I think confronting the bad actors with your children present demonstrates to them that they should always stand up to bullies – a great life lesson.

    I’m not Muslim — in fact, I’m Jewish — but we’re all Americans and we all deserve to be treated with equality and respect for our faith.

  34. I don’t know what is happening to USA…from Tyron case to racism against Miss America to hate crimes …Some people are just awful.

  35. I wonder why people who hate Muslims come on this site to express their ignorance?

    I’ve written to LOONWATCH.COM and provided the link to this page. Hopefully they will post it on their site when they have the opportunity.

    Mike, thank you for providing a phone number to the person to file a complaint to. I appreciate it. 🙂

  36. i work a job where tip is my main income. People who may or may not be of the same ethnic group as you guys either 1. never tip 2. tip less than 1% after demanding a lot out of us servers. probably why you got the bacon. next time just check or if you really want have the server check for you.

  37. I am a vegetarian and have been treated with disrespect at many places, but especially at the cafeteria on my college campus (not too far from Garland, I might add). I have been fighting for clear labeling of foods that contain meats and continually stress that while I am choosing to abstain for personal reasons, there are plenty of people on campus who cannot eat specific meats for religious reasons (we have Muslim students and Hindu students).

    I just want you to know that other, non-Muslim people are fighting for your rights. I am so sorry that you experienced this sort of discrimination and I hope that the restaurant is held accountable.

  38. Just my two cents –
    Harming someone should never be the intention. The waiter should not have put bacon in the straw and the same applies otherwise. To get the waiter fired should not have been the intention of someone who was treated ill. I believe there is always some wisdom in reacting to something negative in a positive manner. I believe the waiter probably hates the muslims even more now.I believe this was an opportunity for any one to learn about others and understand where everyone is coming from.I am a muslim and I believe that our prophet preached tolerance of every sort and hence we should resort to those form of tolerance.The waiter probably lost a livelihood, he might be a student , a father or a son taking care of an ailing parent , yes he did something wrong but I believe the lady could have forgiven and not made a whole lot of noise by going to CAIR.By getting him fired what was achieved, the prophet spread islam by his actions and characters that made many believe in his words.Believe it or not there is a lot of wisdom in forgiving and being tolerant.By serving a bacon laded drink he did infact what his small thought process told him to do so but knowing better forgiving him and not having him fired could have opened some doors of thought in his mind that might him persuaded to learn about muslims and respect them in the future.

  39. ISLAM is not a religion —- it Is a (complete) way of life ! I want you to know this ! ALLAH/God will show you better than I can tell you ! Word is bond !

  40. To my sister that was offended —- as it was done to you, so shall it be done to them…. That’s real ! Revenge is mine says the LORD ! PEACE

  41. I am a Miami Wea Indian. My Grandfather was Ch. Dan Big Horse and his great grand father was Ch Little Turtle. I am also a Muslim. Islam was with my ancestors long before Columbus got lost and landed here…and get this, we had no wars with them. Respect. Learn it. Islam is a part of the tapestry of this country and it is not going away.

  42. This makes me so mad. I am American, and Christian. My dad is muslim, and my BEST friend and her WHOLE family are muslim. It’s not a bother to me to go out of my way to make sure something I make or bring has no pork. They respect what we believe in, why can’t people respect what they believe in? They are people too! I’m guessing the people who don’t like muslims also hate gay people. Everyone needs to get over it. This is the current day and time and no matter how bad people want muslims or jews or gays gone….they are here FOREVER…and personally I think they make this world a better place.

  43. I rarely ever leave comments on issues regarding politics or religion due to the ignorance and intolerance exhibited by so many people, but I feel led to make an exception here. I am a Christian, attending a Baptist based university, and the Children’s Minister at a small country Baptist church. I believe in a God that has taught us over and over again through the example of His Son on earth of what it means to love. I do not always agree with what those that profess to be Christians do nor other religions that persecute through religious beliefs. I believe that every man, woman and child has the right to practice whatever religion that they choose, especially living in America, “the land of the free.” This does not mean that I agree with other religions’ beliefs when it comes to who is the true deity, I have made up my heart and mind, as is my right, but this does not mean that I scorn their practices. In fact, I have made it part of my studies to understand the beliefs of other religions to better see where they are coming from. I choose to love the person even if I do not agree with what they are doing, because Jesus Christ first showed his love for me by dying on a cross for my sins, these are beliefs that shape my life.

    For any person to blatantly ridicule and persecute another for their religious beliefs and customs, again especially in America, is plain wrong and disrespectful. I extend my apologies to Nicole Queen, her family and friend and those in the Muslim community that were offended by this act. I do hope that we are not all like that.

  44. There should be a petition against TGI Friday. I recommend CAIR play an active part. If possible ,get the local media to cover the story and apply national pressure on this franchise.

  45. Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Christian, black, white, brown, young or old: I think all of us finding a piece of meat stuck to our straws in a Togo cup is disgusting and would offend ANYONE! Period. Bacon, turkey, chicken, egg..on my fork is fine on my straw?! Not so much!

  46. “I have deleted some of the discriminatory and intolerable comments made by a couple of the users and contacted them separately.”

  47. I agree with Q above. TGIF has put up a standard we don’t tolerate discrimination and are investigating post on their facebook. However, unless they take stern action agains what is obviously a travesty of its customers rights and their confidence in the chain, not only Muslims but all other religions should boycott out of the fear that similar incident may happen to them. Jews would be just as offended by bacon and most Hindus would not appreciate a straw full of beef. And the vegetarians and vegans wouldn’t like chicken in their straws.

  48. First, this was wrong on so many levels.

    It’s disgusting. Who wants meat with their drink?

    Second, clearly it was a hate act. Server clearly acted on her feelings towards Muslims in general.

    Third, for you ignorant and uneducated people, Muslims, Jews, and Hindus do not eat pork. News flash!!! Even seventh day Adventists see pork as taboo. So, pretty much MOST OF THE WORLD does not eat pork.


  49. This is a hate crime and should be treated as such. Sorry to say, but the only way ignorant people change is if they have consequences. I am not a Muslim but have tolerance and respect for persons of all faith. TGI Friday’s should come out and apologize publicly to you and the Muslim community. The chain should also give all of their employees sensitivity training, however I don’t think you can “fix stupid”. I am sorry you were treated with such ignorance and hate.

  50. Have any of us realized why there is so much hatred against us? Have you not realized that it’s gotten worse over the years? Do you honestly think that we’ve got nothing to reflect on?

    What’s ironic is that we give people like this a reason to hate us. We’re rather slow at condemning the vicious actions of our so called “Ummah”, and we teach a doctrine to our children that involves labeling others as kaffirs and mushriqeen. Everyone else is off the siratul mustaqeem except us? Did you think this was going to foster love and change in the “Muslim World? All it fosters is hatred and suspicion. We’ve got home grown terrorists going off on rampages, yet we’re doing very little within our communities in order to combat this person. We insist on propagating the notion of “Shariah Law”, yet have no real way of defining it, since every single form of Shariah Law has failed within the world! Our wonderful Ummah is off blowing up churches and targeting minorities. It has nothing to do with doctrine? Really?

    We allow for slanderous Hadith against the Prophet to circulate freely, and then quickly come up with lame excuses as to why he supposedly did what he did, though it’s all just a bunch of conjecture and nothing more. We insist on wearing our hijabs and jilbabs/abayas in public, yet openly mock and ridicule those within our own communities who wish to bare their hair and necks. We tell people there’s no compulsion without this deen, yet somehow, we’re always caught compelling those without our own communities to conform to our standards.

    You want Americans to think that your brand of “Islam” is peaceful? It gives women their rights? Try explaining your nonsensical marriage and divorce laws. What’s the age of consent, again? How many wives can a man have? Why isn’t the divorce process for women as same as men? What’s the punishment for apostasy? Try talking about jizya. Oh, and the goat ate which verse? The one about stoning? Try explaining that one to the American people.Sounds like a retarded conversation to me. So far, you are doing a terrible job of convincing anyone. Lies upon lies and absolute denial.

    You’re all very comfortable here because you’re living in a country where your rights are completely protected. Try living in a “Shariah” based state, and see how you make out. There’s isn’t one Shariah-based example that’s been successful. Who is to blame for that? I know! Let’s all blame Israel. Yay. Case closed, right? Oh, you must be waiting for that Khalifate. Yeah, pipe dreams. Or, was it the Mahdi? You know, the Mahdi that was never mentioned in the Quran. I wonder why God forgot to mention your saving grace. Hmmmm….

  51. Baba roshan aap nay bhee tau evolve keh kar jaan chura lee. Agar hamarey buzurg yeh karain gay aur sahee kadam nahee utain gay tau yeh anjam tau hoga.

  52. There’s No reason to Eat at fake restaurants… if you can cook the same at home and pay more than $7 for the meal, might as well cook it in your own kitchen, these places are embarrassing to work for for quality before anything else…

  53. Just for moment…let’s forget about bacon and religion. Somebody went to TGIF and got an iced tea and the first thing in their mouth was MEAT?!!! Suppose you like bacon, suppose you are not Muslim or Jewish…they served someone a drink with MEAT in the straw!!! That is disgusting! Then the manager says it was a mistake and the waiters do not have access to the kitchen? Where in the heck were those straws that meat was able to get into straw? If ANYONE of the people that commented on this site drank something from a straw given to them by a restaurant and it had meat stuffed in it … they would sue in a heartbeat. TGIF needs to really look at the kind of people they hire…or where they put their straws!!

  54. It is interesting how the exact same person gets two polar opposite treatments owing to a change in their religious affiliation. All those disgusting bigots commenting exist as real people who walk, work and live amongst us. Scary isn’t it?.

  55. I can’t believe everyone saying “there’s nothing wrong with bacon other than what the God you believe in says there is.” Yes, that is a perfectly valid point, but this is hardly even about the fact that it was bacon. It’s a case of blatant discrimination either way. That anyone should be treated differently than anyone else based on their personal values is outrageous, and that should be the focus here, not what was physically in the straw. I’m saying this as an Agnostic person, for what it’s worth.

  56. The guy just has a chip on his shoulder because he is a waiter. Maybe with an education, he can get a job where he can afford to be “waited” on, opposed to catering to others. Give him a break, try to put yourself in his shoes. I’m sure he is mad at the world.

  57. I would like to commend the sister on her courage and suggest tha next time you want to eat out take it from your home or go to a Halal restaurant or store who will need and appreciate your business . May ALLAH bless you and help us all. Thank you

  58. @Garnett. I suppose you wouldn’t have a problem if someone spat in your food before they gave it you you – I mean, surely you would ‘get over it’ wouldn’t you?

  59. Peace. To be honest, the young lady should know to always request no bacon on the salad when ordering with the server. This should be common knowledge for practicing or serious Muslims when entering American restaurants. Technically, there are so many pork byproducts in everything that most meals and ingredients theses days contain swine. She needs to talk with her Husband or Imam and get more detailed information if she is serious. I say this with good intent. Peace

  60. Lucky Muhammad wasn’t her server; she’d have ended up with far worse than bacon bits, at least going on what we know from Ibn Ishaq’s Sirat Rasullah.

  61. This woman who WAS discriminated against is my cousin. She was BORN in this country…has worked hard…paid taxes…followed the laws of our land. She was brought up in a Christian Church… She married a man who is Muslim and made this decision in her life to become Muslim. This is HER choice…this is America by the way…aren’t we a land of Choices? She has a beautiful family and I am PROUD to call them family. Not once…EVER…have I been ashamed or embarrassed by her or her family. I am ashamed of those of you who have chosen to follow your narrow mindedness way…you are who I am ashamed of. This was a case of racism…fear…ignorance. If this is the route our country chooses to follow…then we are a shallow people and our country will suffer for it. I hope and pray that those of you who choose to write such cruel words never have to face intolerance/hate from others…

  62. Hate has no place in America. Stop living in the past people. Our strength is our unity and mutual respect. This employee should have been fired on the spot.

  63. Mohamed Salah Abdulla said: “Islam is a beautiful religion that promotes tolerance, respect…” You are absolutely correct!

  64. I work at Friday’s and servers DON’T have access to the kitchen. Any food we order has to be put through the micros system since all of our food needs to be paid and accounted for. Saying that the server was annoyed because she didn’t want bacon in her cobb salad? RIDICULOUS! We have to adjust meals all the time! It’s our job. BTW, we had to take a personality test and discrimination is highly looked down upon. You get fired for it. And I don’t get how she immediately thought that the server disliked her because of her creed? We serve hundreds of people on a daily basis and could care less about the religion you identify yourself with. All we really care about is you enjoying your food/experience. Maybe the server was just in a bad mood? If the server *DID* go through the effort of putting the bacon in your straw then they do deserve to be punished but this just sounds a little weird to me.

  65. I am so glad that Nicole Queen had the courage to speak out but sadden that she even had to go through this experience in the first place. This is extremely disheartening and disrespectful. Not to mention pure ignorance for anyone to treat another person this way.

    There is absolutely NO justification for the T.G.I.F. employee(s) doing this, whether for laughs, because angry for special order request that they essentially messed up. If the order was placed by a non Muslim man or woman asking for no bacon due to high cholesterol would they be treated in the same fashion. Probably not.

    I have a friend practicing Sunni Islam and he refuses to eat anywhere bacon is served including McDonald’s. He only eats halal meat and buys almost everything he consumes from from Halal Food Markets to cook most food inside his own home but when he does to go out to eat it’s usually to Pakistani Restaurants and things of that nature.

  66. This whole affair is ridiculous. Why would Nicole Queen order Cobb salad when one of its principle ingredients is bacon? Moreover the bacon is cut into little bits, not something that is really easy to meticulously remove. Nicole Queen sounds like an Islamic agitator, looking for a reason to make a public fuss.

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