Discriminated Muslim Woman Demands On Camera Apology From TGI Fridays

MV: An update on the “Bacon Put into Straw of Muslim Women’s Drink as Discrimination in TGI Fridays” story.

Message from Sr. Nicole Queen (the Muslim women who was discriminated in TGI Fridays):

“Update TGI Fridays: I have relayed to the local Operations Director for TGI Fridays that with all of the recent racial and discriminatory comments emerging in and across DFW towards Muslims, as a result of the issue involving myself and their employees, I can accept no less than a public on camera apology to me and to all Muslims for what happened. I think this will send a strong message to all that we are looking to be treated fairly and respectfully and that discrimination is not tolerated in the US. I have also requested they make use of our own Isb Dfw to conduct some racial sensitivity training for their employees. Please keep this issue fresh and keep sharing until these requests are honored! They may think this will blow over and they need not respond, but we aren’t looking for 15 min of fame. We are hoping for a lifetime of equality…”


MV: Help end discrimination by spreading the message and supporting the cause! Like Sr. Nicole said, this will send out a strong message. Discrimination is NOT tolerated in the US. 

*Use this hashtag when posting the link: #ApologizeTGIFridays 

4 thoughts on “Discriminated Muslim Woman Demands On Camera Apology From TGI Fridays

  1. Peace. The young lady should have requested to her server no pork or bacon on her salad before she ordered. This should be common knowledge when entering American restaurants. Whoever played the joke was wrong. But The young lady needs to speak with her Imam or Husband and become more educated on pork. There are pork byproducts in everything and more than likely, there is swine in most of the ingredients at TGI Fridays. Get educated on pork and swine. Because it’s in everything

  2. I agree the joke was wrong. To Yusef, Peace be to you, a few questions please, you said ” 1, There are pork by products in everything,” Please explain this. 2,” and more than likely, there is swine in most of the ingredients at TGI Fridays.” How can you say this without proof? From here you tell the young lady to get educated on pork & swine, which are the same thing correct. Shouldn’t she just get more educated on the restaurant she is choosing to dine in? “Get educated on pork and swine. Because it’s in everything” Pork is the meat swine is the animal, so you know Yusef. Small side note, insulin for diabetes is made from swine or pig whichever you wish to call it plus 40 other medications mankind uses everyday. Pig is actually the name for the young. Where sow is the mother or female & boar is the father or male. Thank you have a wonderful day & blessed day.

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