Statement from TGI Fridays to The Muslim Voice | Message to the Islamic Community

MV: As a follow up to last week’s incident (See: Bacon Put Into Straw of Muslim Women’s Drink as Discrimination in TGI Fridays). A communications representative from the local TGI Fridays (of the incident) personally spoke with us and requested we send out this message, from TGI Fridays of Firewheel Center (Garland, tx), to the Islamic community.

Here is the statement: 

Statement from Fridays to The Muslim Voice

“Since last week when Ms. Nicole Queen dined in our restaurant we have had the opportunity to speak with her several times. She has graciously given her time to discuss with us what occurred at our restaurant and the response she received when she brought it to our attention. We are very sorry for her experience and certainly recognize that she was not treated with the respect that her concerns warranted.

Although we cannot go back and undo her experience, we can and will use this as an opportunity to reinforce the Values that guide everyone who works at Fridays. Among those Values are Integrity, which stresses that we “treat people with dignity, respect and honesty.” In the coming days we will be taking every team member in this location through a session in which we will review this particular incident, have an open and honest discussion about the importance of our Values and how respecting the specific needs of every guest are vital to delivering the Fridays experience.”

After reviewing the statement, Sr. Nicole Queen requested us to post up this statement:

What Discrimination Feels Like – Insightful Interview With Nicole Queen | TGI Fridays

Organizations and hotels and other businesses in the customer service industry are reevaluating their strategies and retraining employees to be respectful to all people with specific dietary needs and requests. This issue has opened so many doors and a new found respect for customer service towards us as Muslims and towards all people. This started as something negative, a bad experience for all of us as Muslims and it became a positive experience because of all of a pulling together and speaking up for our right to feel respected.

One thought on “Statement from TGI Fridays to The Muslim Voice | Message to the Islamic Community

  1. We, As Muslims, Deserved ‘An Apology’. Finally, I’ll Give The Person ‘Two-Thumbs’ Up For Taking The Courageous Step In This Matter. Now, Had I Ten Thumbs, That’s What I Would Have Given Her! Now, For TGIF & That Employee, Guess What! You Have Made A Major Deduction In Your Customers From Muslim Community, For Personal Or Major Events. Whenever I, As A Muslim, Will Pass By Your Retail/Restaurant, I Will Turn My Head & Speed Away, Personally, With “An Ew In My Mind” For Where ‘A Swine’ Stuck In My Drinking Straws!!!!!!!

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