The Malala Factored Bitterness | What We Can Take Away

MV: It’s unfortunate and really sad to see so much hate and pessimistic attitudes regarding Malala Yosufzai and her achievements, especially from our own Muslim imagescommunity. We’re always complaining about how “Muslims oversees are giving a bad name over Islam” and “No one is speaking out”; while we finally do have someone representing Islam in a very peaceful and lighthearted note, to over millions of people worldwide, giving encouragement to millions to stand for justice, pursue good morals, educating others about the power of education, challenging violence with peace instead of destruction over destruction, and above all, had the courage to look death in the eye and refused to be silenced. It sickens me to see how we have so much to say, to put down the efforts of someone trying so diligently to promote education and ethically uplifting values. Islamically we’re told to make 70 excuses before judging. Who are we to judge a 16 year old who lived her life in constant fear of being attacked, yet continued to seek morality, and ended up being shot in the face, while we sit comfortably in our harmonious lives.

Sure, it may be that she’s being “westernized” and “exploited”, but does that make anything less out of her efforts? Behind everything is her charismatic attitudes towards upholding good qualities and actually representing Islam as a strong voice for the next generation. She’s stated how her faith gives her motivation to back up her sentiment towards peace and education. She’s also explicitly stated that Islam promotes education for everyone, “There is no better way to explain the importance of books than to say that even God chose the medium of a book to send His message to His people.” Millions of people are being opened to the misconception of “oppression and violence” related to Islam through her words. She has amplified the true meaning and foundation of Islam.

Instead of considering her as another conspiracy theory, maybe we should consider her as a foundation and a means to reevaluate ourselves. Maybe we can actually learn a good lesson from her words rather than ignoring the good that comes out. Perhaps we can use her as a role model for our younger generations who lack the understanding of receiving a good education and how Islam encourages education. Maybe it’s time to become more open minded to reality. Maybe it’s time we educate ourselves.

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