Safeway – Open Nature Cattle Products Halal 100%

“Are your Open Nature Grass Fed Angus cattle Halal?”
“Yes, they are certified 100% Halal.”



MV: This brand is found in local grocery stores such as Tom Thumb.


11 thoughts on “Safeway – Open Nature Cattle Products Halal 100%

  1. Open nature products are not halal! I personally called safeways corporate office and was told if they went through the trouble to sell halal meat if WILL be marked as such.

  2. I checked a Safeway in Maryland. The lamb packs that were packed in Australia are marked halal with the Australia Halal mark (i..e, rack of lamb and leg). I think the rest of the Open Nature lamb would also come from the same Aussie supplier, but once they open a pack and cut the pieces it can no longer be certified Halal because the Safeway store butcher room is not a Halal certified facility. Although all the Open Nature lamb and beef I saw at the store I checked was from Australia.

    I could not find any beef with original Australian packaging to check whether it is Halal certified. Although again, unless Safeway butcher room keeps separate equipment for cutting and packaging the Australian beef, they will not be able to mark the store made packaging to be Halal.

  3. Google information on the current practices in halal slaughter houses. They totally contradict the meaning of “halal”. To truly be halal, the animal must not be frightened. It should not see the knife, or see other animals being slaughtered. The knife must be razor sharp and the cut must be swift, deep and clean, so that the animal dies immediately. Animals killed in most halal slaughter houses today are abused, terrified and suffer a great deal. Today, the only way to actually eat HALAL meat is to kill it yourself. If you can’t do that, then buying any meat from any store is all the same, whether it’s labeled as halal or not. Wake up people!

  4. Salam alikom, please disregard the other comments! Open nature’s packaging DOES state halal on it IF you turn the package over! However, I’f you are looking at cuts wrapped and sitting in Styrofoam trays ,those are re-packaged by Safeway and the halal label is thrown out with the original packaging …wich they will show you upon request. I also watched them re-package it..all they do it take it out of the box and divide it into the trays , so do not misguide people saying that the kitchen isn’t halal. Just ask them and they will show you. People are too lazy to turn over the packaging and read but they have time to post comments misleading others with ” not halal this and not halal that”…..subhanAllah!

  5. We should support chains that use halal, as they will produce in in volume and it will become convenient to buy. Most halal vendors overprice their meat and make it not affordable, so having competition is

  6. Not all Open Nature Lam, Beef and Bizon may be halal. For instance, the bizon does not appear to halal at all. As for the lam and the beef, those IMPORTED from Australia are, or may be more likely, to be halal. The product specification (at the front or the back) display a tiny halal logo. It is frequently removed. In that case, the only indication is the “IMPORTED” specification. U.S. (domestically) raised lamb, bison (and maybe) beef, does not appear to be halal at all. In that case, the “imported” specification is not mentioned. Allah’ he Alim.

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