Sr. Yasmin Mogahed Joins the Al-Maghrib Team!


Just this morning, during Ilmfest Michigan, Al Maghrib has announced that Sr. Yasmin Mogahed will be joining the Al-Maghrib team of instructors. She is one of the two new instructors that have been announced as new instructors joining the team. The second instructor is soon to be announced. Vote here on who you think the second instructor will be

We are extremely excited to hear the news! Others have also been rejoicing and expressing their appreciation under the comments of the announcement on the AlMaghrib Facebook page. The thought of a female instructor in Al-Maghrib has been expressed by many students before, and quite frankly, the thought of any female instructor joining any Islamic organization is always widely demanded. We commend Al-Maghrib for their decision!

Of course, this might bring some controversy among a more conservative crowd, but for the most part, very qualified and well known scholars have always expressed their concerns of including more female instructors. 

What do you all think? Was their another instructor in mind? Voice your opinions under the comments bellow!

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