Eye-Opening Glimpses (Stories) of an Abused Child | Domestic Abuse

The memories of an abusive household will remain forever.

The Link bellow is a website by a sister having experienced domestic abuse firsthand. They are glimpses (experiences) written by the sister. The stories are short, to the point, yet so eye-opening and powerful. I can’t believe that such abuse happens at the tips of our own communities.

The memories of an abusive household will remain forever. We need to educate communities about abusive relationship like these that happen in our own communities. May Allah swt help those in situations like these, Ameen.

Link: http://shroudedmemories.wordpress.com/

My Reflection: Each story is so difficult to read. My mouth wide opened at how terrible the experience must have been. How anyone can ever justify such vicious abuse in their own household. These stories are without a doubt, eye-opening.

A Question asked on the site:

Q: Doesn’t the Quran say its ok for husbands to hit their wives and who are you to say otherwise?

A: As I am not a scholar and since I could not do this response justice I refer you to this beautiful lecture by Khalid Latif:      http://www.halaltube.com/khalid-latif-real-men-dont-hit-women

And also this Quran Weekly lecture by Omar Suleiman:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwKP9Rk–7E

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