[Open Petition] Support Muslim Holidays Recognized in School Year

As an American Muslim growing up, I have always had to choose between going to school on Eid, while sacrificing a religious festival and rejoicing with family and friends, or not going to school on Eid and sacrificing school grades. Up until now, I have always chosen the first option, going to school on Eid ever since I was little. As an American Muslim, I believe I should not have to choose between either of the two, after all, the first amendment of the US Constitution is the right to practice one’s religion. This petitions needs to be signed to bring change! 

The petition is still relatively low on signs, signing only takes a minute. 

“With the growing population of Muslims in the United States of America (including first, second, third, and fourth generation) we believe it is high time that Muslim holidays are recognized by schools throughout this nation. Unfortunately many Muslim families are forced to choose between their children’s education and their religious obligations. Muslim school children and staff deserve the same benefits afforded to the followers of other faiths. We call on President Obama to support this petition and advance the inclusiveness of our great nation.”

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5 thoughts on “[Open Petition] Support Muslim Holidays Recognized in School Year

  1. Respected Sir,

    This has with reference to our efforts in getting a School Holiday to facilitate Muslim Community to celebrate the most Important Festival of “EID”. Referring to Diwali Vacation and Christmas Holidays, we have submitted our request/application towards Ramazan Season Holidays namely “Ramazan Eid Holidays” for only ONE WEEK.

    Some important points:

    We draw your attention to a very significant & healthy trend of general awareness in getting our children educated and this conscious attitude can be seen amongst Muslim population too, who constitute a formidable presence, yet most un-educated and under privileged & financially backward & deprived of even basic right to education across all communities throughout India. These facts were covered in depth and practical remedies suggested by ‘Sachhar Committee Report’ tabled in Parliament, prepared by Hon’ble Justice Rajendra Sachhar (retd.)

    Muslim children are fasting dutifully. At present, fasting period is about 15 to 16 hours and Muslims stay away from even water, let alone any other diet during these hours throughout full month of Ramazan. This fasting is compulsory on all adults and in Islam obligatory is not upon age but upon reaching puberty.

    As an average all Muslim students studying from class V th are surely fasting though there are kids in 4th and 3rd standards who are also fasting. The last 10 days of Ramazan are very important and 1 night among these 10 days are as valuable as 1000 months and to get blessings of this Night, Muslims keep awake and pray all night long. Last few days of Ramazan are being used for shopping of Eid festival.

    Based on these & other very important points we have submitted our appeal to the State Government of Maharashtra and to the Central Government and other Education Departments & Institutions to consider a week’s holiday for all students of all categories of school during last days of Ramazan.

    This year we have requested several schools to consider the following leave as Ramazan Eid Holidays for a reference to initiate this necessary step.

    23rd July to 31st July’ 2014 i.e. ONLY SIX (6) DAYS LEAVE.

    23 / 24 / 25 WED THU FRI = 3 DAYS


    28 MON = 1 DAY


    30 / 31 JUL = 2 DAY TOTAL “6” DAYS REQUESTED

    We request you to initiate this step and consider Ramazan Eid Holidays so that students are settled down in a better way and enjoy their Eid with much funfare and festivities including customary visits & meetings and also take some rest after an overpowering fasting Month of Ramazan.

    Thanking you and hope you will consider the same.

    Warm regards,

    Ebrahim Soorya

  2. We don’t need another holiday from school in the US. There are already too many holidays and it is disruptive. If Muslims want to celebrate Muslim traditions, they can go live in a Muslim country, or observe their holiday on their own, in private.

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