You Think You’re Funny?

MV: Every now and then I write posts about issues that I feel are pressing and concerning within our communities. I in no way intend to imply that I perceive myself above anyone, I simply feel the need to speak my mind and illustrate a reminder to myself, first and far most.

We all make jokes with the intention to make others laugh (or most of us). While all jokes are seemingly “innocent” on the outside, not all jokes are so virtuous from the inside. Growing up, I’ve heard people make all types of “jokes”, often times so hurtful, so demeaning, and so filthy, that I question, to what extent is the joke considered a “joke?” To what purpose does our joke serve, if it morally degrades an individual or group? The most common type of joke that comes to my mind are those promiscuous, licentious, and also known as “perverted jokes”. Being a male growing up, I’ve heard first hand some of the filthiest and coarse language used against the opposite gender. I’ll be honest, it’s very common for youth (specifically boys) to make jokes that use such language in jokes, and I really do believe it’s dishonoring and straight up disgraceful. My question is, would you want someone to joke about your mom in such language? How about your sister? And it may be the joke is not specific to one person, but an idea or a concept, it is still worth pondering upon the level of decency such words reflect upon our character.

I may be extreme in my thinking, but I sincerely believe that our language and words are damaging to society. Character starts by examining the Qur’an and the life of the Prophet (PBUH). Even when such concepts and ideas (you all know what I mean) are mentioned or discussed within the Qur’an, they are mentioned with such respect and dignity, that it all seems so natural and morally valuable. From the life of the Prophet (PBUH), he would make jokes that were clean and righteous, and never would he or the companions make “bedroom” jokes.

I apologize if I hurt anyone or sounded offensive, which was not my intention. I may have sounded extreme, and I may be wrong, but I just think that these jokes are ultimately hurting us. I ask if you could please avoid making those jokes when having a conversation with me. I wouldn’t want my younger brothers or sister to adopt these jokes, and ultimately damage their personality. I don’t want to be a hypocrite and change my flavor of jokes in the presence of my parents, while keep it limitless with friends. My advice to others, change the direction of your jokes. I think it’s all about maturity.

One thought on “You Think You’re Funny?

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