The Basic Beliefs of Islam

MV: This is just the basic things that Muslims believe in. I got from the book Islam Beliefs and teachings by Ghulam Sarwar. This should be stuff that you should already know but if you don’t you know now. The Basic Beliefs of Islam are: Allah Angels of Allah (Malikah) Books of Allah (kutubalah) Messengers of Allah (rasulullah) The Day of Judgement (yawmuddin) Destiny (Al Qadr) Life after Death (Akhirah) These beliefs have been stated precisely in Al- Imanul Mufassal, the faith in detail: Amantu Billahi, wa mala ikathi, wa kutabihi, wa rasulihi, wal yawmul akhiri,wal qadri kharihi wa sharrihi … Continue reading The Basic Beliefs of Islam

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