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The Muslim Voice Episode 3-January 17 2011-

MV: Aselamulaikum! Finally we found the right time to record a new podcast alhumdoillah! Also for this episode we got to interview Br. Sameer Eats!

Join Me (Saad) and Tahab once again for another exiting and knowledgeable episode of The Muslim Voice.

1. Top 5 Posts of this show

a. Sports and Islam
b. The Prophet’s (PBUH) last Sermon
c. Delaying your Salaat
d. After watching 2012 I converted
e. The Closeness between you and Allah (Swt)

2. Interview with Br. Sameer Eats! Remember to check out to check his show out inshAllah.3. Surah Analysis-Surah Morselaat (Ayyuts 21-30) 

4. Ending Credits

5. Bloopers

Listen Now!

Run time: 1 hour 7 mins, 62.0 MB

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Note: You can also listen to the interview separately on YouTube here.


The Muslim Voice Episode 2-June 24 2010-

1. Top 5 Posts of this show

a. Islam Today in Media-Icna Rewind-(What are your thoughts, who was your favorite speaker, would you want to come next year and what did you learn?)

b. Islamic Study-The duty of children towards parents-(What our parents did for us, how important are they in Islam)

c. Islamic Study-The Significance of the Youth in Islam-(What youth group has done for our life, how important the youth is for our life)

d. Islamic Study-The Degrees of Faith in Islam-(What are each of the faiths and how hard would it be to reach Mohsin)

d. The Muslim Voice Update-The Muslim Voice Commercial-(Reactions, The message, what you thought of the video, Could I have done a better job?)

2. Voice from Muslims-We respond to 5 comments from people around the world.

3. Surah Analyses-Suratal-Morselaat (Ayyuts: 11-20)

5. Ending Credits

6. Bloopers

Listen Now!

Run time: 1 hour 6 mins, 60.4 MB

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Episode 1-May 8 2009-

1. Top 5 Posts of this show

  1. a. Halal/Haraam-Backbiting and Cursing-(We discuss how to avoid them)
  1. b. Islamic Study-The Significance of the Number 40 in Islam (We discuss some of the important ones)
  1. c. Haram/Halal-Ruling on Smoking in Islam-(We discuss how it else it harms the environment and people, how it effects our Islamic Society and how it portrays us, similar things can also be haraam, how to quit.)
  1. d. Halal/Haraam-Not all Music is Haraam-(We play demos from each of the nasheeds on the post, we discuss what haraam music can accomplish for us, when not to listen to music? How to avoid Music from interfering from Islam)
  1. e. Islamic Study-The Prophets in Islam-(We discuss each aspect of the Prophets, What are the Prophets that the other books also have, the Prophets that brought miracles)

2. Islamic Debate-Mothers day Haraam or not? (We begin our first Islamic debate with the site’s post about Mothers day, []-Remember to read before listening!- (we split into teams of 2 to give our points if that answer was right or not)

3. A talk with a Non-Muslim- Are Muslim Terrorists?-(What the Non Muslim thinks, What made him think like this?, How he is wrong and some of what he states cannot be proven.)

4. Surah Analysis-Surah Morselaat

5. Ending Credits

6. Bloopers

Listen Now!

Run time: 1 hour 30 mins, 61.8 MB

*To Download, Right click on “Listen Now” and click on save link as.*



Pilot-Episode-(Basically episode 1)-March 29, 2009.

We discuss the purpose and the details of the show before we begin.

Our First Segment is the Top 5 posts that we think is needed to discuss about or debate.

  • Islam Today in Media-Obama Quotes Hadiths *Clip* (Our thoughts, what is means?, How they react?)
  • Islamic Study – Where Shaitan Attacks You (Examples from each of the acts, Comments from Clearly and Saad’s Mistake and what it taught us.)
  • Halal/Haraam- Birthdays Haraam or not? (Our taught, debate, what should be do, how should it be celebrated if permissible?)
  • Islamic Expansion-Musjid al Haraam (How it will effect Muslims, A good idea or not?, What else we would like to see, When it will be done?)
  • Islamic Future-Theory of Dijaal (What are facts, what are guesses?, How can this be proven right or wrong?, What would bush think of it?)
  • We discuss our future segments, Islamic Debate, A talk with a Non-Muslim and Surah Analysis, send us your ideas for more segments.
  • Ending credits and Contact information
  • Bloopers

Listen Now!

Run time: 44 minutes, 38.3 MB

*To Download, Right click on “Listen Now” and click on save link as.*


About the Show

The Muslim Voice’s podcast, appropriately titled “The MVP,” is an informative talk show dedicated to everything Islam.

The idea of creating a podcast surrounding Islam was spawned back when Muslimpedia creator Saad Riazuddin tossed the idea around in with his staff. The idea was met with a anticipated reaction from the staff, but over the following year it was in development, The Muslim Voice grew as an idea. Originally, the podcast was for The Muslimpedia podcast as with the former site, Muslimpedia. The format quickly changed, though, as the official blog for Muslimpedia was created and was to follow the news based on The Muslim Voice site. And what was an “idea” became a fun and Informative Islamic Podcast.

– What is a podcast? Originating from the words “iPod” and “broadcast,” a podcast is designed to be listened to online, on your computer or on the road with your MP3 or CD player. Podcasts can be anything from talk shows to comedic skits–the possibilities are endless.

Typically, a listener will subscribe to a podcast via their podcasting catcher. There are several applications to do this: iTunes, Juice, and Odeo are just a few. Once downloaded, you can listen and enjoy them as much as you want! An in-depth description of podcasting can be found at Wikipedia.

– Do I need an iPod to listen? No! Listen to the show on any CD player, any computer, or any MP3 player.

– How much does this cost? It’s free!

Thanks to for the idea.

Copyright (C) The Muslim Voice 2008 – 2010

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